The Best Rates on Classic Car Coverage in Ontario

If you own an antique, vintage car, or collector car you’ll want to match your investment of time and money with classic car insurance.

  • Antique classic cars
  • Modified vehicles, hot rods, and replicas
  • Classic trucks & utility vehicles
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Collector trailers
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Antique tractors
  • Other high-value vehicles

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Does Your Car Qualify for Classic Car Insurance?

What defines a classic car is different for every insurance company, so we work with a number of specialty insurers to ensure that you can have the coverage that suits your needs. Some general guidelines to qualify for classic car insurance include:

Classic Car Insurance Requirements

  • Age Limit: Your car must be at least 20 or 30 years old before some insurers will consider it to be a classic. Other classic car insurers define classics as 1948 models and earlier, and cars older than that may be called vintage or antique.
  • Restricted Usage: In Ontario, your collector’s vehicle will most likely be driven seasonally, limited ‘pleasure use’ means reduced risk, which is a very important factor for insurance. If you drive your collector car daily or regularly, it may not qualify for classic car insurance.
  • Storage: Insurers will expect that your collector car will be put away and kept indoors for the winter – another important detail
    to mention to your broker.

How Classic Car Insurance is Different?

Unlike standard car insurance, which is based on the declining value of a car, insurance for a truly collectible car needs to consider the possible appreciation in its value as well as replacement value. For these reasons and the money you have already invested, it is best to get an expert appraisal done to assess the value of your vintage vehicle. While appraisals are not always required, you can use it to insure your car based on Agreed Value Coverage, and be confident in the amount insured.

Lower Rates on Classic Car Insurance

Depending on how you use and store it, your collectible car could certainly have lower rates with classic car insurance while having appropriate coverage. This is especially true with right-hand drive vehicles. Be sure to discuss these aspects of your prized possession when shopping for vintage car insurance.


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