Why choose Mitchell & Whale as your auto insurance broker?

We have proudly represented Aviva and Intact Insurance for many years, who are both introducing Uber insurance options to the marketplace. After we understand your particular needs, we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not, so you feel completely comfortable with your Uber ridesharing coverage.

  • Personal Service from your dedicated M&W Account Manager
  • Lowest rates: Comparison shopping done for you
  • VOTED #1 Brokerage in Ontario
  • Automatic yearly policy rate review
  • Claims: We can advocate for you during the claims process
  • Choice: Offering AVIVA and Intact Insurance for many years, and over 45 of the best insurance companies in Canada

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New Uber Insurance includes:

New: Coverage When Carrying Passengers

Basic insurance policies in Ontario exclude carrying passengers for compensation. Now these new endorsements from Intact and Aviva remove that exclusion, allowing you to carry passengers for compensation and still keep your full coverage.

Third-Party Liability Coverage

Protects you from lawsuits and claims if someone else is hurt or killed, or their property is damaged.

Accident Benefits Coverage

Provides Medical benefits if you or your passengers are injured in a car accident, no matter who was at fault.

Property Damage Coverage

Covers damage to property you may cause with your vehicle. Think of a car hitting a guard rail or a building. Those need to be repaired at your expense and your insurance can cover it.

Accident forgiveness

Give you one free strike on your first at fault accident – your premiums won’t increase the next year because of the accident.

Other Options to Consider

For example: if you carpool, are self-employed, or drive often to the U.S., you may need extra coverage to be fully protected.