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Most insurance companies today offer combined insurance plans that can save you hundreds of dollars on your auto and home coverage. An insurance bundle, or multi-line discount with the same insurance provider will simplify your coverage, and can lead to substantial savings on your monthly premiums.

The Benefits of Bundling Home and Auto

Homeowners’ and Auto Insurance are likely to be your two largest expenses when shopping for insurance, so it makes sense that you’d seek to combine insurance to take some of the strain off of your wallet. Here are some of the benefits of combining these two policies into one package:

  • Save hundreds of dollars: Save up to 15% on your home insurance and 15% on your auto insurance. Add your motorcycle to home and auto for a total savings of up to 50% on your motorcycle premium!
  • Increase your value as a customer: If you hold two or more policies from the same insurer, you’ll be more valuable to them.
  • Pay a single deductible: Some insurers offer their customers the option to pay a single deductible for two or more bundled plans, meaning that if you file a claim on one or both policies, you’ll only have to pay a joint deductible.
  • Simplify your life: Whether it’s the convenience of only paying one bill for two policies or having only one renewal date to keep track of, bundling takes the hassle of tracking multiple plans with multiple insurers and staying on top of the details.

Most people think of bundling as a way to take some of the stress of mitigating life’s risks off of your wallet, but other benefits of a multi-line discount can make it the easiest decision you’ll ever make.

How Much Can You Save By Bundling Home and Auto?

Insurance companies have differing discounts for bundling policies, and sometimes it can be difficult to find out which insurer is ideal for your unique insurance needs. That’s where we come in. Mitchell & Whale can help you compare insurance bundle quotes between the best insurance companies in Ontario, and help you find one that works best for you. Contact our brokers today and discover how easy it is to find a home and auto policy bundle that fits your budget.

The amount you’ll save depends on the company that you use to bundle. Here are just some of the insurers we work with who offer combined insurance and the discounts they offer their customers for bundling multiple policies in one simple package:

Keep in mind that insurance companies frequently change the discounts that they offer for combining home and auto insurance policies. Our expert brokers can find you the most up-to-date discounts so you can bundle with confidence.

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