Woman with rolling suitcase walking down the road

Moving Out of Province: Can My Car Insurance Come With Me?

In Canada, the reality of moving to a new province means cancelling your current insurance policy and purchasing a new one in whatever province you now call home. Each province has their own laws governing car insurance, so it is necessary to get a new policy when you move…and this can come with some unexpected

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Car keys being handed over after purchase

New Car vs. Used Car: How Will it Affect My Rate?

Does buying a used car save you a significant portion of your monthly transportation budget? The truth is that, generally speaking, it is not necessarily cheaper to insure a used car than a new one. Much of it depends on the make and model of the particular car, the insurer you choose, and things like

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Illustration of snowmobiler riding his sled through the snow

How Much is Snowmobile Insurance in Ontario?

To give you a sense for how much snowmobile insurance costs, we ran quotes for Canada’s most popular snowmobiles. For insurance affordability, the mid-sized Yamaha SX Venom and Arctic Cat Blast ZR 4000 are your best bet, at $549 a year for an experienced rider with a clean record. Full size sleds will run you

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Snowmobile and car

How is Snowmobile Insurance Different Than Auto Insurance?

Getting insurance for your sled is not nearly as complicated as getting auto insurance. Insurance companies have simplified ratings that group sleds together based on the size of the engine, and they rate riders broadly as experienced or inexperienced, instead of crediting you for every year you ride. Tickets and accidents still count against you,

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Amazon packages

Selling on Amazon? Okay, NOW You’ll Need Insurance

Amazon has announced a tightening of the rules regarding product liability insurance. From now on, a seller using their marketplace to deliver goods to customers, either through Fulfillment by Amazon or Fulfillment by Merchant, must acquire Product Liability Insurance once sales reach $10,000 in any one month. While Amazon has turned a blind eye to

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Male driver behind the wheel

The Best Insurance Companies For Male Drivers in Ontario

Who are the best auto insurance companies if you’re a male driver in Ontario? The long answer is complicated, but the short answer, based solely on the prices available today, is CAA Insurance. Before you run out and buy a CAA policy though, keep in mind that based on quotes we ran for different male

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Snowmobile safety course

On the Trail of Snowmobile Training Courses

More Canadians than ever are taking up the joys of snowmobiling. And the biggest requirement to enjoying this fun, wintertime hobby is learning how to do it responsibly, using common sense, and practicing essential skills.Experts agree that a snowmobile training course can provide everything you and your family need to engage in this popular pastime

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Female driver

The Best Insurance Companies For Female Drivers in Ontario

What are the best auto insurance companies for women in Ontario? Well, if you’re going strictly on price, it’s CAA Insurance. But that doesn’t mean every woman in Ontario should switch to CAA. Depending on your age, where you live, and your driving record, there are four different companies that could have your best rate.

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Canada’s Top Ten Pickups: How Much for Insurance?

If you’re looking for a new pickup truck, how much is it going to cost you in terms of insurance? We compared Canada’s top ten selling pickup trucks for 2020, and found that the Chevy Colorado produced the most affordable premiums, on average 19-24% cheaper than those for the Jeep Gladiator, which had the highest

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Wood burning stove

My Cottage, My Insurance, and a Wood Burning Stove

While wood burning stoves have become safer and more environmentally friendly, they still provide enough of a fire hazard to put upward pressure on insurance premiums (about 10%). That’s if your stove is properly installed and inspected. A wood stove that’s not installed to code could render your cottage uninsurable. What is cottage nightlife, after

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