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Have You Been Labeled as a High Risk Driver?

Saving on high-risk auto insurance may not be as easy as saving on a normal policy, but it’s still possible. We work with many high risk insurance companies and can shop around for you, saving you both time and money while providing you with the coverage you need.

Having a few accidents on your record may not be your fault, but insurance for high-risk drivers in Ontario can be extremely problematic, whether you made some mistakes on the road or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, seeking insurance with a poor driving record can be a challenge, making the process of securing proper coverage for you and your family harder than ever. M&W is here to help.

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Coachman Insurance
Echelon Insurance
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Pafco Insurance
Perth Insurance

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What Makes a Driver High Risk?

Insurance companies determine insurance eligibility in a number of ways, but driving record and probability of a claim can be dominant factors. In essence, insurance companies prefer drivers who have a low likelihood of being in an accident, or low risk drivers. Being labeled a high-risk driver can be based on numerous factors, including:

  • Being a new driver
  • Having several past accidents
  • Traffic violations
  • Substance abuse infractions, such as driving under the influence.

Regardless of the reasoning behind a high-risk label, these drivers generally pay significantly more for insurance, may be denied renewal for an existing insurance policy, or may be turned down for a new insurance policy. This can be a hard position to find yourself in, but there are still options for individuals who have had some issues on the road in the past.

What Is Insurance for High-Risk Drivers?

Insurance for high-risk drivers are special policies designed for those unable to seek insurance coverage elsewhere. These insurance policies are often more expensive and may be more limiting than standard auto insurance coverage, but are available even to those with tickets and accidents on their driving records.

In addition to providing coverage for you and your family, high-risk auto insurance policies aim to help you lower your risk through safer driving in the future. By investing in high-risk auto insurance, you have the ability to stay covered and practice better driving habits in order to minimize future payments. As time passes and your driving record remains clean, you will gradually regain your status as a low risk driver and will be once again eligible for standard, more budget-friendly auto coverage.

We Can Help You Find Insurance

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