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Insurance Rates Based on Mileage Can Mean Big Savings!

Offered by CAA Insurance, CAA MyPace pay as you go payment program is the first of its kind in Canada, offering coverage to match your lifestyle.

If you are an Ontario driver and drive less than 9,000 kilometres each year, CAA MyPace may be your best bet for lower car insurance rates.

  • Pay for insurance based on your mileage
  • Easily monitor how much you drive through the CAA MyPace web portal and mobile app
  • Offered through Mitchell & Whale as a select broker for CAA MyPace offered by CAA Insurance Company

How Does CAA MyPace Work?

CAA MyPace electronically tracks how much you drive using a USB-sized telematics device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. What distinguishes CAA MyPace from other telematics programs is that only your mileage matters. The CAA MyPace program uses the device to record and bill for kilometres used by the enrolled vehicle.

CAA MyPace app
  • Incremental mileage: CAA MyPace tracks distance driven in 1,000-kilometre increments and sends you notifications when you are close to the end of an increment.
  • If you drive more than 9,000 km then you may be better off with a traditional auto insurance policy. Please contact one of our licensed brokers to discuss which option would work best for you.

An Important Step for Ontario Drivers

As the first pay-as-you-go car insurance payment program in Canada, CAA MyPace is a revolutionary win for Ontario drivers, where additional ways to save are welcomed by all.

CAA MyPaceCAA Insurance and Mitchell & Whale partnership


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CAA MyPace™ is now available in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI.

Vehicle compatibility and enrollment in CAA MyPace payment program is subject to terms and conditions.

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