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Personal Liability Home Insurance

None of us ever expect to be sued but lawsuits do happen and that’s why home insurance policies typically include a personal liability section. If someone slips and hurts themself in your home or on your property, this is when you’ll be very glad you are protected with personal liability coverage. And you are also protected if you unintentionally cause harm to someone else no matter where in the world that might happen.

What Does Personal Liability Cover?

Not only does your personal liability coverage protect you when someone falls down the stairs in your home, but it also covers you and your family when you accidently cause harm to someone else or damage their property. The classic scenario of your child throwing a baseball and breaking the neighbour’s window (and possibly family treasures inside) would be covered by personal liability. Other situations where your liability coverage would apply are:

  • Serving alcohol to a guest who causes a car accident on their way home
  • A visitor slipping on your icy front porch
  • Your children’s friends getting hurt on the backyard swing set
  • A courier or contractor tripping on an uneven walkway

If you have a hot tub, pool or trampoline in your backyard, make your insurance company aware of these additional risks on your property to be sure you have enough coverage.

Like all insurance policies there are exclusions and exceptions to what situations are covered so this is a good question to discuss with your insurance professional.

Expenses Covered by Personal Liability

If someone sues you for injuries you unintentionally caused or that occurred on your property, the legal liability portion covers your legal expenses and pays for damages awarded up to your policy’s limit. This usually includes medical payments required by the injured person.

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It’s important you understand the personal liability component of your home insurance. One of our insurance experts would be happy to answer any questions and make sure you feel confident with your coverage. Contact Mitchell and Whale Insurance Brokers at 1-800-731-2228 or email us at info@mitchellwhale.com.

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