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At Mitchell & Whale, we pride ourselves on being able to find solutions for ALL of our customers, not just the ones that fit inside a small box of situations. As with all types of insurance, there is the standard market for the most common situations and the “high-risk” markets for non-standard situations.

You can fall into the high-risk home insurance category for a few reasons, such as the type of building you want to insure, your claims and payment history, or the use of the building.

It is important to us that you are able to get the insurance that provides you with the coverage you want and need, and we will work with you to find the solutions for your individual situation.

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Our brokers have your high risk home insurance answers, and our company offers advantages such as:

  • An extensive network of reliable high-risk insurance companies to choose from.
  • Payment programs that can help you to get back on track with paying your premiums.
  • The underwriting experience necessary to create comprehensive coverage for rural homes and other high-risk properties.
  • Plenty of good advice that includes information on ways to reduce your high-risk home insurance premiums.

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What Is High-Risk Home Insurance?

High-risk home insurance is specifically designed to cover clients who have had problems getting home insurance in the past or high-risk home situations that many insurance companies will not cover. If you fall outside of the standard market, due to your insurance history or the type of building you are looking to insure, we will help you get covered.

We work directly with a large network of high-risk carriers throughout Ontario, and that gives us access to plenty of options for you. With our service, you are not locked into one company or forced to take coverage that does not fit your needs. We will look at your situation and determine exactly which of our carriers can offer the best options, and then create programs that fit your situation exactly.

As your situation changes over time, we will be able to find you insurance that fits your changing needs. For example, if you are in the high-risk home insurance market due to outdated electrical wiring in your building, once you have updated the wiring to modern standards, we would be able to smoothly transition you to a standard market insurance company to ensure that you have the best coverage.

Why Do I Need High-Risk Home Insurance?

As we mentioned earlier, high risk home insurance is required in situations where either the client or the property pose high risk situations. In the case of the client, it could mean:

  • A history of a lot of claims
  • Having home insurance canceled in the past
  • New homeowner with no insurance past
  • The homeowner has two or more mortgages in effect
  • A history of not paying home insurance on time

Even with a spotless insurance history, you can be forced into high risk home insurance if you own a:

  • Home in a rural area known for storm damage
  • Vacant home
  • Vacation homes
  • Home over a century old
  • Oil tanks or wood heat
  • No recent updates

So as you can see, any homeowner could find themselves in the high risk home insurance pool. Sometimes it just does not seem fair, which is why our brokers work so hard to put together stable and secure solutions.

Lower The Costs of Your Home Insurance

While there are plenty of steps our brokers can take to help you get your high-risk home insurance for a reasonable price, there are things you can do as the homeowner to help your own cause. Some of the best ways to keep high-risk home insurance premiums down include:

  • Remove dead trees and other objects that could potentially damage your home in a storm.
  • Install new doors, windows, and heating systems to make your home more energy-efficient.
  • Invest in new siding and roofing that is designed to protect your home better.
  • Bring in professional contractors at least once a year to do full inspections of your home and take their maintenance and repair advice. Be sure to get receipts to prove that you are getting the home inspected.

If you are in the high-risk home insurance pool because of your own actions, then all it takes is a sense of responsibility to get out of the high-risk pool. Some good actions to take include:

  • Avoid making a claim for every little incident that occurs in your home. If you can take care of the incident yourself at a low cost, then do that.
  • Pay your insurance premiums on time, or set up a payment arrangement with your insurer to pay your bills automatically.
  • Pay off any additional mortgages.

High-Risk Home Insurance Companies We Work With

Mitchell & Whale is proud to work with the best selection of high risk home insurance companies in Ontario, including:

  • Perth Insurance – As part of the Economical Insurance Company, Perth has access to a wide variety of financial and underwriting resources.
  • Coachman Insurance – Coachman is a specialty insurance company that helps clients ranging from high-risk home insurance homeowners to small business owners.
  • Echelon Insurance – Echelon is an Ontario insurance company that specializes in high-risk lines, including home and motorcycle insurance.

Call one of our brokers today and let us introduce you to the ideal solution for your high risk home insurance needs.

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