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Home insurance is the best way to protect your largest investment—your home. As a safety net, it protects your home in the event of damages, both physical and financial. However, like other types of insurance, home insurance is more complex than first meets the eye. Not all coverage is the same, and depending on the policy, what is insured can vary significantly. Our brokers will help you determine the coverage you need, at a rate you’ll love.

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What’s Normally Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

When you consider the value of your home, the contents within, and a variety of other factors, it’s evident that understanding what is protected under the home insurance policy is tremendously important. Generally, homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the following:

  • The House Itself: Your home insurance policy will cover your home in either All Risk coverage (insured for everything, unless otherwise stated in the policy) and Named Perils coverage (specifically indicated perils that are covered by your policy). Most home insurance policies contain All Risk coverage for the structure itself.
  • Detached Structures: Structures on your property that aren’t part of the main home, such as sheds, fences and detached garages, are included in the majority of home insurance policies.
  • Contents and Valuables: In many standard home coverage policies, the contents within your home – jewelry, artwork, electronics, furniture, etc. – are insured. This option is also available in both All Risk and Named Perils coverage.
  • Personal Liability: Homeowners can be held liable if someone sustains an injury or suffers property damages while on their property. Personal liability coverage protects you from having to pay for these damages, and it covers you anywhere in the world.
  • Added Living Expenses: Should you need to pay for additional living expenses for time away from your home due to an insured loss, many home insurance policies include a financial safety net to handle the costs.
  • Voluntary Payments for Medical Expenses/Damage to Property: These areas of a home insurance policy exist to cover the medical costs should someone hurt themselves on your property, or the physical damage to the property of others, respectively.

While these types of coverage are commonly included in home insurance policies, exactly what is covered will differ from policy to policy. Similarly, the extent of coverage that you will receive can vary based on if your home insurance specifies All Perils or Named Perils.

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