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As a homeowner, you’re aware of what a home insurance policy requires and what sorts of things are included in your coverage. However, your homeowner’s insurance covers your home as a personal residence, not a business. If you plan to generate income by renting your cottage to guests, your quiet spot in the woods suddenly becomes a busy – and potentially profitable – source of revenue.

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What Is Cottage Rental Insurance?

The idea of a home that is both a home and a business creates a logistical problem with your insurance company, which more than likely does not want to cover the potential accidents visitors could cause. If an insurance company finds out that damage doesn’t fall under the parameters of your policy, your claim will most likely be denied, leaving you with a lot of unexpected expenses.

Choosing the Right Policy for You

Choosing an insurance policy is largely a personalized experience. Every property has different features, from building material to landscaping choices, requiring a policy designed to suit your unique needs. A cottage insurance policy functions in many ways as a marriage between homeowner and commercial policies, offering you an affordable way to cover the potential impact of business activities taking place on every facet of your property.

The coverage options a policy requires will vary widely depending on things like:

  • Property values,
  • Landscaping,
  • Residence size, and
  • Other structures on the property (boat houses, sheds, bunkies, etc.)

More valuable properties with expensive interior furnishings and a guest house will require more coverage than a simple wood cabin on a bare plot of land.

  • Building an expensive deck? You’ll want that included in your policy.
  • Have a lot of old furniture with no sentimental attachment? Maybe coverage for contents is not necessary.

Like your home policy, it’s important to keep your rental insurance up to date and appropriate for your cottage. Ask your insurance professional to evaluate your property and your policy regularly to provide sufficient coverage and ensure compliance.

Take Care of Your Cottage

Whether your cottage is an inherited space that means the world to your family, an investment in retirement, or simply a way to escape from your everyday life, you owe it to yourself and your property to keep it protected. Cottage rental insurance is designed specifically to shield your property from the perils of rental damage, offering protection not included under a standard homeowner’s policy.

Renting your cottage out to family, friends, and strangers can be a great way to earn some cash on the side, but it can also cost you in a big way should something unfortunate happen. In order to preserve your cottage for your own enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others, the right insurance policy is the best possible protection.

Expert Advice from Insurance Professionals

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