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The focus for RSA Canada is on providing a simple insurance solution for each client’s individual needs. RSA Canada has become one of the fastest growing insurers in Canada because of its ability to solve personal and business insurance issues at home, and around the world.

Clients of RSA Canada can choose from a large roster of solutions that include coverage for alternative energy solutions, as well as the family pet.

RSA Canada is Canada’s largest marine insurer, 3rd largest P&C insurer, and top travel insurer, providing personal and commercial insurance nationwide. RSA was formed in 1996 by a merger of Sun Alliance (founded in 1959, by means of merger between The Sun, founded in 1710, and The Alliance, founded in 1824), and Royal Insurance, which was founded in 1845. The Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group is know now as simply RSA Insurance Group.

RSA Canada can provide:

  • Coverage for a company’s domestic and global interests
  • Flexible pet insurance to create comprehensive personal insurance solutions
  • Small business insurance that includes special liability considerations for start-ups
  • An Air Miles program to help reduce travel costs

RSA Canada offers auto, home, and business insurance to fit a variety of needs. For the company’s brokers, it is important to create insurance programs that meet the client’s lifestyle, as well as help the client’s business to succeed. Along with diverse insurance coverage lines, RSA Canada also has a wide variety of informational resources for clients as well as brokers.

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Contact one of our brokers to see how RSA Canada can help protect every aspect of your personal and business world: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

RSA Advantages

RSA Canada is a relatively young and dynamic insurance company that understands the needs of the modern consumer and business. RSA Canada brokers offer risk management advice to go with insurance liability coverage, and one of its primary focuses is on client retention. Other advantages to working with RSA Canada include:

  • Customer-Centric Approach – A lot of insurance companies claim to be customer friendly, but RSA Canada has taken the steps to make it easy for brokers and consumers to benefit from the company’s services. The broker system is streamlined to make transactions easier, and RSA Canada has taken steps to make insurance easier for business and personal clients to understand.
  • The Air Miles Program – One of the amenities that makes RSA Canada unique is its Air Miles program. Clients get rewards points for every $20 they spend on insurance that can be used towards lowering the cost of airfare. Both personal and business lines clients benefit from this program.
  • A Focus On Growth – RSA Canada understands that its success lies in its ability to deliver excellent customer service. That focus on constantly improving service has helped RSA Canada to rise among the ranks of Canadian insurance companies at an accelerated rate.

RSA’s Insurance Products

RSA Canada has complete lines of personal and business insurance that cover a wide variety of client needs. The company is constantly updating its offering to make itself the only insurance carrier its clients will ever need.

Personal Insurance

  • Auto Insurance – RSA Canada offers comprehensive auto insurance that includes:
    • Claims Protection Plan – Car insurance premiums don’t go up for drivers with no more than one accident every six years
    • Lifetime Repair Guarantee – Lifetime guarantee on car repairs at RSA-approved repair shops
  • Home Insurance – RSA Canada has broken down its home insurance coverage into four categories. They are:
    1. Platinum Plus for homes with a replacement cost above $400,000
    2. Comprehensive Homeshield for homes with a replacement value between $150,000 and $400,000
    3. Waterproof Coverage enhanced storm damage coverage
    4. Tenantshield covers possessions and bodily injuries
  • Condo Insurance – There are two levels of condo insurance available from RSA Canada. They are:
    1. Platinum Plus (covers total contents worth over $75,000)
    2. Comprehensive (covers total contents worth $30,000 and up)
  • Leisure Lifestyle – Leisure lifestyle coverage offers additional protection that enhances your home or condo insurance. Protection includes:
    • Personal liability insurance
    • Home business
    • Landlordshield (protection for people who rent out their home or condo)
    • Holiday traveling coverage
    • Watercraft
    • Seasonal dwellings
  • Private Client – Private client insurance offers enhanced liability coverage and protection to those with high income resources who want to be able to enjoy life.

Commercial Insurance

  • Commercial Property and Casualty – This is business insurance created to help protect companies with a low to medium exposure to risk. Protection includes:
    • General liability
    • Property coverage
    • Business income protection
    • Crime protection
    • In-land marine coverage
  • Commercial Auto – RSA Canada offers up to $5 million in liability coverage for commercial vehicles with exposure to low to medium risk. Commercial auto discounts include:
    • New Business Loyalty discounts
    • Renewal Loyalty discounts
    • Conviction Free discounts
    • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Commercial Fleet – RSA Canada can cover your commercial auto fleet consisting of a minimum of five vehicles, with a maximum range of over 100.

Global Specialty Lines

  • Project Construction – Clients get coverage on construction project that includes damaged materials coverage and equipment breakdowns.
  • Energy Insurance – RSA Canada offers comprehensive coverage for businesses involved in all phases of the energy industry from oil drilling to renewable energy.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance – This offers comprehensive coverage for almost any type of commercial equipment breakdown, and getting new equipment in place as soon as possible.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance – If someone in your company makes a mistake with the paperwork, RSA Canada can help protect your interests.
  • Executive and Management Liability – When your company is negatively affected by the actions of an executive or member of the management team, RSA can help pick up the pieces.
  • General Liability – RSA Canada has developed a general liability program for commercial customers that can take on liability claims of up to $25 million.
  • Marine – Comprehensive marine coverage includes:
    • Marinas and resorts
    • Pleasure craft
    • Cargo protection
    • Excess liabilities

Travel Insurance

RSA Canada offers a variety of flexible travel insurance policies to protect you on vacation or on a business trip.

Pet Insurance

RSA Canada will help to protect your furry friends as well as your human family members.

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RSA Insurance Quotes

Contact one of our brokers to see how RSA Canada can help protect every aspect of your personal and business world: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

RSA Canada
Head Office:
18 York Street, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T8, Canada
Claims: 1-800-319-9993

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