About Us

About Us

Making insurance not suck – one customer at a time

Insurance Made Better

Right Broker

Mitchell & Whale is an Ontario-based insurance brokerage that provides comprehensive coverage across Canada for drivers, property owners, families and businesses in the Greater Toronto area and all over the province. We are a family owned and operated business for over seventy years that has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past ten years under the leadership of Adam Mitchell, a young and dynamic entrepreneur whose sole focus has been in making insurance more accessible to our growing client base.

Right Coverage

Accessible how? Many people these days shop online and buy insurance because of the price. They’re not excited about insurance the way we are, because they don’t know the value of what they’re getting, or how important it is to select the right coverage from the right insurer. It’s no one’s fault, as the insurance industry hasn’t communicated effectively how crucial that choice is. When something happens, and you need to make a claim, only to find out you don’t have the right coverage, and that you’ve been paying for something that doesn’t work the way it should. That should not happen. Ever.

Right Price

At Mitchell & Whale, we take the guesswork out of insurance, and help you get the right coverage, at the best rate. So while you’ve been canvassing the web for the best deal, know that we deal with the top 45 insurance companies in Canada, (most brokers or companies you call will only deal with 4 or 5 companies), and can therefore offer highly competitive rates looking at almost the entire marketplace, while ensuring that the coverage you’re getting is the coverage you need every year.

Insurance Brokers

A Tradition of Excellence

It was in 1933 that Mitchell & Whale, then known as Harold Mitchell Insurance, sold its first policy. Harold started out selling life insurance in a tiny room on King St West, and then moved on to selling general insurance. In the fifties, Harold had moved the business to Don Mills, a brand new development, and would sell insurance door to door, wasting no opportunity to meet and greet potential customers. He was a great salesman, and in the pre-Internet era, you had to be outgoing and persuasive to make a living in insurance.

Harold was very proactive in the community, and was involved in founding a church, a tennis club and a YMCA. His sons Doug and Scott joined the business years later, working side by side with their father to learn the trade. Scott eventually married and moved to Whitby, taking a piece of the business with him and buying out Bev Whale’s brokerage.

Fast forward to ten years ago. A young and inexperienced Adam returns from the Caribbean, where he was kiteboarding for a living, to assist his ailing father, and takes over the reigns of this small local brokerage. In 2008, brokerages were just waking up to the potential of the web, and customers were discovering the power of the smart phone. In ten short years, the brokerage has experienced tremendous growth, ten fold in fact, by tapping into new technologies while remaining true to its heritage.

We believe the key to our success
– and the way forward –
is to be true to our customers and our team

The Way Forward

Can insurance be different? Better? We think so, and we work hard to make it so. So much so we’ve made it our Mission to make insurance not suck.

And the insurance industry is taking notice, naming Mitchell & Whale one of the top brokerages in Canada for five years in a row, a runner up for brokerage of the year three years in a row, and Adam the innovator of the year of 2016.

We believe the key to our success – and the way forward – is to be true to our customers and our team, and that means providing our customers with outstanding service and sound expert advice, and securing the best coverage the market has to offer.

To that extent, we offer a wealth of tools and information online, and we invest in recruiting and training the best brokers Ontario has to offer. We are a family business that feels like a family, and that prides itself on having and serving great customers like yourself. We’re glad you’ve come to us, and we make it our business to earn your business. All the technology in the world will never replace the trust you can build with your broker.

What you can expect from Mitchell & Whale:

Five fun facts about Mitchell & Whale:

  1. Adam answers all your questions in his Ask Adam forum, as a commitment to make insurance less complicated for everyone #makeinsurancenotsuck;
  2. Mitchell & Whale has moved into some new digs that has a fully functional gym, basketball court, golf simulator, putting green, race track and much more as we care about our team and want them to be healthy and happy;
  3. Our brokers live and die by the mantra of making “insurance not suck”. Guess that says it all;
  4. Adam was part of a successful kiteboarding business for 5 years in North Carolina and the Caribbean before taking over the family business;
  5. After a gruelling day at work, the team likes to break out into impromptu nerf gun game. No injuries have been reported to date other than a whole lot of bruised egos.

What you can expect from Mitchell & Whale:

  • Access to more insurance companies than anywhere else in Canada;
  • Extended hours of operation: from 8 to 8 weekdays, 4 to 6 on Saturdays – and soon to be open on Sundays;
  • A reliable hand and a friendly ear to help mitigate your risks and manage your insurance;
  • Comprehensive coverage for all your insurance needs;
  • Competitive rates and an abundance of choice, from over forty reputable insurance companies;
  • Personal assistance from our team during the shopping and claims experience;
  • Peace-of-mind that you’ve picked a Canadian award winning team to represent your interests.

Happy Customers

  • I have always had good quality, professional service from Nicole S.. I have recommended this broker to several of my friends with excellent results. I will continue to recommend ongoing.

    Angela B. Avatar
    Angela B.
  • Totally recommend. Look for Gareth and you will not regret it.

    Anderson A. Avatar
    Anderson A.
  • I am extremely happy with the service I received.

    Dale B. Avatar
    Dale B.
  • Damian Bruzzese helped me get my M1 insurance so quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend anyone looking for insurance to give Mitchell and Whale a call.

    jes p. Avatar
    jes p.
  • The agent I have is Corri, I must say I have never had an agent work this hard to get my 3 policies done quickly and as painlessly as she did. I highly recommend... read more

    Don K. Avatar
    Don K.
  • Excellent

    Grant M. Avatar
    Grant M.
  • Dealing with Corri was fast and efficient, I was able to get insurance as an M1 rider without a course when no one else would insure me! Thank you so much!

    Jared B. Avatar
    Jared B.
  • Incredible customer service and just an all around good experience dealing with Corri she was very nice and extremely helpful in getting me my motorcycle insurance policy

    Zack G. Avatar
    Zack G.
  • Corri made everything so easy. Thank you for the amazing service. It was a pleasure dealing with you!!!

    Coralia V. Avatar
    Coralia V.
  • Jeff was Fantastic, His team allowed for a quick and easy application process and he was professional and always as helpful as possible with his service! I was in a real Jam with another insurance... read more

    Mathew R. Avatar
    Mathew R.
  • Gareth was able to save us hundreds of dollars in both our car and home insurance. He was super responsive and so great to deal with!

    Melissa L. Avatar
    Melissa L.
  • Amazing and a pleasure to work with Faith! Thank you.

    Mary V. Avatar
    Mary V.
  • Jeff Logan is very professional and takes care of all insurance matters that are necessary

    Daniel S. Avatar
    Daniel S.
  • Faith is the best to deal with, knowledgeable, fast and can work in any medium to capture the information. Patient and helpful. I’ll be swinging all our business was to her! What an easy experience!!

    John S. Avatar
    John S.
  • After trying to get a quote for my motrocycle insurance from more than 15 insurance companies, finally I got a great quote from M&W Insurance. Actually, I had M&W Insuance company under my radar for... read more

    Vidya G. Avatar
    Vidya G.
  • I needed motorcycle insurance for a classic bike I’d fully restored over the winter. I called around and nobody was bothered to help or explain how Motorcycle insurance worked after being off them for a... read more

    Andrew H. Avatar
    Andrew H.
  • I would like to thank Damian Bruzzese for finding a good rate for my Property Insurance. I was very frustrated that every year my insurance was getting more and more exorbitant. I decided to... read more

    Agnes Avatar
  • Easy to sign and complete insurance needed, took no time to complete!

    Richard E. Avatar
    Richard E.
  • As with all insurance, you never know until you need it, but the initial process was virtually painless, professional, and very prompt. I hope their experience with me in the next 40 years is... read more

    D. S. Avatar
    D. S.
  • March,19, 2021, very helpful and friendly, ride safe every one, enjoy the new riding season!!

    Paul V. Avatar
    Paul V.