Berkley Canada

Berkley Canada

Established in 1967, Berkley Canada provides an extensive selection of commercial casualty, professional liability, executive risk and travel insurance products.

W. R. Berkley Corporation
Founded 1967
Headquarters Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Employees 7,412 (2016)
Employees in Canada 10 – 50 (2017)
Canadian Mkt. Share* 0.1% (2017)
Products in Canada Commercial & Travel Insurance
Provinces Licensed AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

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Company Overview

Berkley Canada specializes in commercial and travel insurance, with a strong focus on specialized commercial customer needs. The company is known for its extensive coverage options within each of its insurance categories, and it also believes in giving its brokers plenty of tools to develop the right solution for each client.

Berkley Canada is part of the $53 billion W.R. Berkley Corporation that was established in 1967 by Canadian businessman William R. Berkley. To help it stand apart from other insurance companies associated with large corporations, Berkley Canada puts a very strong focus on individualized customer service. Instead of acting like one part of a huge corporate machine, Berkley Canada has its branches become experts in doing business in their own immediate areas.

Customers of Berkley Canada enjoy:

  • Comprehensive lines of specialized commercial insurance
  • Truly personalized service with the support of a major corporation
  • A company that is ranked high in responding to customer service issues
  • An underwriting team with a broad base of industry experience

Berkley Canada Advantages

Berkley Canada is able to appeal to customers who enjoy the security of a large corporation, as well as customers who prefer the personal service of a small business. Throughout its history, Berkley Canada has focused on leveraging its resources to benefit each client on an individual basis. For the customer, this results in business advantages such as:

  • Local Knowledge – Berkley Canada prefers to have its Canadian offices act independently to develop solutions that are relevant to each region. While the company’s offerings remain consistent throughout its network of brokers, the products are administered and developed based solely on the needs of each local market. This type of personal service has helped Berkley Canada to appeal to a broad range of Ontario customers.
  • Big Company Security – While Berkley Canada insists that its offices operate independently to better serve each local community, it is important to know that the company is still part of the W.R. Berkley family of businesses. That $53 billion empire brings a sense of stability to local customers that smaller providers cannot match. The financial foundation Berkley Canada enjoys helps to keep premiums under control, and it makes sure that the company always has the resources to respond to customer needs.
  • Fast To Respond – Another way that Berkley Canada goes against the big corporation image is to respond quickly to customer needs. From its claims service to its response to customer questions and concerns, Berkley Canada is consistently voted as one of the top insurance companies for customer satisfaction in Canada.

Berkley Canada Insurance Products

Berkley Canada prefers to offer a wide range of coverage options that are streamlined within three specific genres of insurance. The company prefers to put its expertise to work in coverage areas that significantly affect commercial clients.

Commercial Insurance

Berkley Canada works with small to medium-sized businesses that are prone to intense and infrequent insurance events as opposed to a large volume of risks. The company’s commercial insurance offering includes:

  • General liability coverage
  • Umbrella and excess liability options
  • Business income protection
  • Crime coverage
  • Inland marine
  • Up to $10 million in property insurance per location
  • Equipment breakdown protection

Specialty Insurance

Berkley Canada has a range of specialty coverage options for professionals and businesses that help keep business going in the face of a disaster. Coverage options include:

  • Directors and Officers, and Employment Practices Liability protection
  • Crime/Fidelity coverage
  • Customized technology solutions that include protection of intellectual property
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Life sciences commercial liability protection
  • All classes of environmental risk coverage

Travel Insurance

Berkley Canada can write travel insurance policies for groups or individuals that protect against a wide range of potential issues. Berkley travel insurance includes coverage for:

  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Excess claims protection
  • Coverage for international students coming to Canada
  • All-inclusive coverage plans
  • Protection for visitors coming to Canada
  • Non-medical coverage options
  • Carve out plans that can be added to employee benefits packages

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Berkley Canada
Central Canada:
145 King Street West, Suite 1000 , Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8, Canada
Ontario Phone: 416-304-1178

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Cheap company

on 2018-06-25 19:14:15

Very disappointed with the services. Tried to get claim but they are always making excuses. They just wana steal your money. I wont suggest to anyone

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