Constant Premiums Throughout Your Entire Life

While the name of this type of policy includes the word term, Term 100 life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that is meant to last until you reach the age of 100 years. Therefore, it means that your premiums are constant throughout your entire life. They’ll never go down, nor up.

That being said, the benefits of this policy are pretty straightforward. Its premiums are fixed allowing you to budget your expenses easily. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that in the event you cancel your policy, term 100 life insurance doesn’t offer you any surrender value.

The Benefits of a Term 100 Policy

A Term 100 Life Insurance policy is ideal if you’re specifically interested in low-cost lifetime insurance for purposes such as burial expenses or creating an estate. Although these plans are attractive because they offer low premium and more simplicity, they will not generate any dividend for you. The following are the major benefits associated with the term 100 life insurance:

  • Payable durations: Some plans are payable in a limited number of years.
  • A variety of choices: There’s a wide range of insurance amounts you can specify, usually between $50,000 and $5 million.
  • Predictability: Because your premiums are fixed, it’s easy for you to manage your budget.
  • Lifetime coverage: It’s a lifetime insurance that requires you not to pay any further premiums after you turn 100 years. A choice of investment products for tax deferred cash value.
  • Tax-free benefits: Following your death, your stipulated beneficiary receives a tax-free cash benefit paid directly to him or her.

If you’re looking to pay one flat amount every month/year, Term 100 may be the simple life insurance solution you’re looking for..

Term 100 & Other Permanent Life Insurance Compared
Whole Participating Universal Term 100
Lifetime Coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed Premiums Yes Yes No – Can increase or decrease to suit your budget Yes
Savings Component Yes Yes – Dividend is based on the insurance company’s performance Yes – Investment portfolio is customizable No
Cash Value Yes Yes Yes No
Learn more Learn more Learn more

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