Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance – As Your Life Changes, So Do Your Options

Universal Life insurance, sometimes referred to as adjustable life insurance, is a form of Permanent Life Insurance that, in contrast with Whole Life insurance, offers considerable flexibility with both your premiums and your death benefit.

As with other types of Permanent Life insurance, Universal Life covers you for your lifetime, and, as with Whole Life, accumulates a cash value.

The Extra Flexibility of Universal Life Insurance

Flexibility is the key advantage of Universal Life Insurance, as premiums may be easier to pay at one stage of your life than another. Your death benefit, premiums, and cash value can all be adjusted according to your budget and the changing circumstances throughout your life. For example, you may use the accumulated cash value to offset your premium payments when your budget is tight, or use it to increase your death benefit.

  • Lifetime Coverage: Insures you for your entire lifetime
  • Flexible Benefits: You may lower your death benefit to suit your financial needs
  • Flexible premiums: Your premiums can increase or decrease to suit your budget
  • Flexible Cash Value: A choice of investment products for tax deferred cash value

Universal Life insurance can be a great option if you’re looking for permanent coverage with a flexible payment schedule and an investment opportunity.

Universal Life & Other Permanent Life Insurance Compared
 WholeParticipatingUniversalTerm 100
Lifetime CoverageYesYesYesYes
Guaranteed PremiumsYesYesNo – Can increase or decrease to suit your budgetYes
Savings ComponentYesYes – Dividend is based on the insurance company’s performanceYes – Investment portfolio is customizableNo
Cash ValueYesYesYesNo
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When deciding on what type of life insurance policy is right for you, be sure to speak with an insurance broker. We’ll help guide you and find you the type of policy that is most appropriate for you and your loved ones, whether it be Universal life insurance, Whole Life, or even a Term policy.

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