Insurance Coverage For Ontario General Contractors

Working as a general contractor poses many challenges, ranging from securing appropriate insurance to establishing a client base. Whether you work on all projects on-site or also have an office that clients visit, the right insurance policy is essential for successful operations.

Contracting can be a very complex industry, involving risky situations that include dangerous job sites and working around heavy machinery on a regular basis. Choosing a comprehensive policy can be overwhelming, but proper coverage can be the difference between success and failure if a disaster occurs. Without the right protection against liability, both on the job and on the road, you could easily find yourself facing serious financial problems alone.

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What Does General Contractors Insurance Cover?

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen anywhere, from tripping on wires to falling off ladders. With the increased risk on a construction job site, insurance coverage is a vital part of protecting you and your clients from legal liability.

Commercial General liability insurance is critical to protect much of your day-to-day business, offering a safety net in the event of bodily harm, injury, or property damage. Without this valuable coverage, injured or wronged parties can sue you or your company, putting everything from your reputation to your business assets in jeopardy. Appropriate contractor’s insurance offers a survival plan of sorts, ensuring your contracting business can survive if a judgment goes against you. In addition, insurance coverage can provide security, protecting your business from claims and lawsuits.

If you travel from job to job, commercial vehicle insurance is essential. Standard personal auto insurance does not cover business-related liability, making a commercial auto policy a worthwhile asset. Commercial coverage can protect against accidents, property damage, and injury, fully protecting your work vehicle and everything inside. Without adequate coverage, a simple collision can mean thousands of dollars in damages, both to your vehicle and the tools and equipment your job requires, putting your personal and financial well being at risk.

General Contractors Insurance will Reduce Your Risk

Contractors insurance is a vital asset that no contracting business should go without. Choosing the right policy can be the protection your company needs to succeed, providing extra security in almost any situation. Working as a contractor can be challenging enough! With the right contractors insurance in place, you can at least have peace of mind knowing your business is well protected.

Protect Your Business

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