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Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether your business has one car or many trucks and other vehicles, in Ontario you need to have commercial truck insurance or commercial auto insurance. A business car insurance policy is designed to protect your business, your employees as well as the vehicles in use. 

Why Commercial Car Insurance?

As a business owner, you need to keep your cars or trucks on the road delivering products and visiting customers without delay or interruption. Since traffic accidents occur every day, business auto insurance gives your company the financial protection it needs even if you are using your own personal vehicle. In fact, most personal car insurance policies do not cover liability or property losses when your vehicle is used for commercial purposes so business car insurance is a necessary investment.

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What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Similar to the policy for your own personal vehicle, a commercial auto insurance policy in Ontario offers coverage on the following:

  • Third Party Liability coverage, which is mandatory in Ontario. This covers you when the driver of your company vehicle is legally liable for injuries to another person or for damage to another person’s property.
  • Accident Benefits coverage, also mandatory in Ontario. It covers medical costs and rehab, loss of income due to disability or death, and funeral expenses.
  • Coverage against Uninsured Drivers: also mandatory and covers you if the driver of your company vehicle is injured or killed by an uninsured driver who is found liable for the accident. It can similarly cover you or your employee if injured or killed by an unknown hit-and-run driver.
  • Optional Collision coverage: this option helps you pay to get your vehicle repaired.
  • Optional Comprehensive coverage: comprehensive covers you when your vehicle is damaged in some other way, such as theft, vandalism, flying debris, etc.

Different Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The type of commercial auto insurance you need depends on a number of factors:

  • How you are using the vehicles?
    • If a salesperson, for example, is driving a car or SUV throughout the day on a daily basis then a business car insurance policy would be appropriate.
  • What types of vehicles are being used?
    • If a contractor or service person is driving a truck or van to job sites carrying tools and equipment with them, then you may be eligible for commercial rates.
  • How many vehicles are being used?
    • If you have 5 or more vehicles all registered under one company name, you may be eligible for fleet insurance. This puts you in a ‘volume buying’ position allowing an insurance broker to negotiate with various insurance companies to get you the best rate possible.
  • Do you have 100 employees or more?
    • Large companies can have group plans designed for their specific needs. An insurance broker can negotiate with many Canadian insurance companies on your behalf for the lowest rates possible.

You can rely on the commercial vehicle insurance experts at Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers to help you protect your company and save money too!

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