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Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage

However carefully you run your business, it’s likely you’ll face at least one lawsuit—if not more—during your years of operation. Even one lawsuit could be a serious threat to your business and its future operation. That’s where commercial general liability (CGL) insurance becomes a necessity for most businesses today.

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What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

CGL insurance is a standard form of protection for your businesses in case you are sued for:

  • Accidents involving visitors or customers at your location
  • Property damage to third parties caused by your product
  • Injuries or property damage at a customer’s location
  • And a number of other circumstances

Protection Provided By Commercial General Liability Insurance

With a typical commercial general liability policy in place, your business is protected in four key areas:

  1. Property Damage and Bodily Injury Liability: This coverage offers protection if your employees or your products or anything else associated with your business causes damage or injury to a third party or their property. If you are found to be legally responsible, then you may have to pay compensatory damages, which financially allows the injured party to restore things to they way the were before the incident that caused the lawsuit.
  2. Liability for Personal Injuries: Although this does sound like a situation where someone is physically harmed (which is covered in #1), it actually refers to damage caused to a person’s reputation, or character. If your business is accused of verbally hurting someone’s reputation, which is called slander, or putting defamatory statements in print, which is called libel, then this coverage will protect you from such claims.
  3. Coverage for Medical Payments: If an accident happens at your business location or is due to your how your business is conducted, this area of CGL insurance covers some of medical costs of the injured person. Using this coverage to offer assistance with a claimant’s medical bills can help you avoid a full-blown, costly lawsuit.
  4. Legal Liability for Tenants: This coverage is applicable when you do not own your businesses’ premises, which is often the case for many companies who rent or lease their space. If any damage should occur to your office space like a fire or water damage if the sprinkler system is triggered, this coverage will compensate the property owner for damages. Loss or damage to your own property (product, computers, inventory, etc.) is not covered; for this, you need your own commercial property insurance.

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