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If you love to ride your motorcycle, you need to make sure you have the right kind of motorcycle insurance—and have it without breaking the bank. Find out why more Ontario riders are getting coverage for their bike through Mitchell & Whale.

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Some of the Advantages We Offer:

  • Standalone motorcycle insurance options: We’re able to write standalone motorcycles including sport bikes, vintage, and custom bikes, or add motorcycle insurance to your current auto insurance policy.
  • Rider training discounts: Additional savings for successful completion of advanced rider training.
  • Widest variety of insurers: Access to all the best motorcycle insurance companies, as well as limited motorcycle insurance programs that aren’t available at other brokerages.
  • Motorcycle insurance bundle discounts: Savings of up to 50% when you bundle your motorcycle insurance with auto and home.

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What Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Do I Need in Ontario?

As with auto insurance, Canadian motorcyclists must carry standard insurance that covers Third-party Liability; Accident Benefits; and Uninsured Automobile coverage. And, as with auto, optional coverage includes protection from damage or loss, such as Comprehensive; All perils; Specified Perils; and Collision. You can buy combinations of these coverages to protect you against the damage/loss of your scooter or motorcycle caused by theft, fire and other unpredictable events.

New Coverage Options Available:

  • Add coverage for protective equipment (goggles, helmets, clothing)
  • Receive replacement costs for accessories (windshields, saddlebags, side cars)
  • Get the actual cash value for personal effects used while riding, in addition to transported items
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How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario?

Motorcycle Insurance cost

Many different factors play into motorcycle insurance rates in Ontario, such as your age, your riding history, your bike, and any discounts you might be eligible for. Motorcycle insurance usually costs much less than auto insurance; however, rising rates in Ontario mean that it pays to work with a broker that works with as many motorcycle insurance companies as possible.

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario by Age
Age Range Average Yearly Rate1
20 – 24 $2262
25 – 29 $1853
30 – 34 $1454
35 – 39 $1316
40+ $1172

1 The listed average rates are average premiums for all insurance policies excluding Facility policies. The average premiums do not control for location, years licensed, type of motorcycle or any combined discounts. Updated Aug 2017.

Note that the rates above don’t apply to M1 riders, who can only get insurance from Facility Association. M1 rates for most bikes start around $3,800 a year, ($7,300 if you’re under 21 years old).

Although some companies are raising their rates on motorcycle insurance, we work with over 40 different insurance companies in order to offer highly competitive rates to our Ontario clients. With a continued dedication to offer outstanding value and customer service, we now offer the lowest price on motorcycle insurance for experienced motorcyclists, and for riders who have successfully completed motorcycle rider training approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, such as Basic, the M2 Exit and the Pro-Riders training programs.

Other Common Questions About Ontario Motorcycle Insurance

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario For an M1?

Insurance on a starter bike such as a 2017 Honda CBR300RA for an example, for a 25 year old male with no prior insurance; an M1 license; with a down town Toronto postal code; would be approximately $3500.

If the same rider in the same postal code were to obtain rider training and their M2, insurance would be approximately $1500. This includes $1M liability and $1000 deductible on collision and comprehensive.

Keep in mind that your individual rates will be impacted by your individual profile, and your rates may be different than the example above. Having rider training allows for a greater choice of companies to choose from, and as such it’s possible to find lower prices.

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How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario For an 18 Year Old?

The same rider as above as an 18 year old would be estimated to be $2600 with an M2 license and rider training. Without rider training it would be approximately $6200.

Can I Have Insurance Only For the Summer On My Motorcycle?

Short answer: No, you can’t. Longer answer: Your motorcycle insurance company is aware of the seasonal use associated with your bike. As such, they calculate your earned premium on how much of a risk they are being exposed to, based on the months of the riding season. If you cancel your insurance policy mid term, the insurance company will calculate your total premium owing based on the amount of time you had the policy during the riding season.

If the insurance companies were to charge you an equal amount for every month of the year, a $3500 policy would end up being a $8400 policy.

To make budgeting simple, the insurance companies usually allow you to spread your policy premium over the year in equal installments, and if you have collision or comprehensive coverage on your policy, you have coverage if your bike is stolen or catches fire while in storage.

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Why is Ontario Motorcycle Insurance So Expensive?

Motorcycle insurance is so expensive because of the cost to fix your body if you are in an accident.

In Ontario, both motorcycle insurance and auto insurance are regulated by the government. With both of these insurance policies, the insurance companies are mandated by law to provide accident benefits to provide you with medical care if you’re hurt in an accident.

The accident benefits portion of the 25 year old with a $3500 M1 policy is over $2100; with collision, the insurance for the bike only being $246 of the total premium. As Ontario is a no-fault insurance province, it is your own insurance company that has to pay the health care system to fix you, not the insurance company of the car that hit you, even if you are not at fault.

As you are virtually unprotected compared to an automobile driver, insurance companies spend a lot of money on fixing up motorcyclists after accidents compared with dealing with those who drive cars, vans, or trucks.

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