Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re a collector, dealer, and especially if you are a rider of classic motorcycles, you understand the value of your special machine. You need a policy with coverage to match your passion at premiums that respect your wallet.

Let your collector bike do what it was built to do, while you ride easy knowing you and your vintage motorcycle are both covered.

How Classic Motorcycle Insurance Benefits You

Choosing the right coverage for your classic motorcycle is just as important as any of the gear or parts you’ve invested in your prized ride. Mitchell & Whale’s growing reputation as a leader in Ontario Motorcycle insurance is built on our knowledge, experience, and of course, discounts. We make classic motorcycle insurance simple and affordable, so you can focus on your passion for riding. Some of the advantages you’ll have access to with the coverage we offer:

  • Big discounts: Discounts of up to 50% compared to standard motorcycle insurance rates.
  • Agreed Value Endorsement: With a valid appraisal1, you’re covered for the full appraised value of your classic motorcycle, in the event that your bike is damaged or totalled. No depreciation.
  • Stand-alone coverage: If your classic bike is all you want insured, you still get the discount. You don’t need to insure another regular use bike.
  • Coverage on both sides of the border: Cover your vintage ride for participation in parades and certain other special events in Canada and the USA.

To qualify for a vintage bike policy with Mitchell & Whale, you will need an appraisal that is no more than 2 years old.

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Insurance tip

Did you know?

Vintage motorcycle coverage is much cheaper than regular bike coverage because it typically only covers you for parades and other special events. If you ride your vintage bike on the road on a regular basis, you need regular motorcycle coverage.

The Benefits of an Agreed Value Policy

Agreed Value means more than just a joint understanding between you and your insurer on the value of your collector motorcycle. A 19A Valued Endorsement means your vehicle has been legally appraised and certified of its value by an expert, and your insurer will pay you the total amount your bike is worth in the event it is totaled. Our brokers will make sure that hidden maximums and fine print don’t get in the way of full coverage of your classic motorcycle.

Requirements for Classic Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

  • Appraisals: To qualify for agreed value coverage and discounts, you’ll need an appraisal that was carried out by a licensed, certified appraiser in the last two years.
  • Age of motorcycle: Classic motorcycle insurance is available for motorcycles at least 25 years old
  • Age of rider: You must be at least 30 years old and motorcycle licensed at least 6 years or more to qualify
  • Usage: Most classic motorcycle coverage only includes approved rallies, historic runs, public parades and other sanctioned group events.
  • Regular use motorcycle: You don’t need to insure another regular use motorcycle to get the vintage bike discounts.

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At Mitchell & Whale, we understand your need for the right policy to protect your vintage ride. Let us help you get the Ontario coverage you need so you can ride and appreciate your collector bike without worry, anywhere the road takes you.