Save Up To 50% Motorcycle Insurance With Wawanesa’s Motorcycle + Auto + Home Bundle!

Great news for experienced riders! Mitchell & Whale and Wawanesa Canada have been working together to make motorcycle insurance awesome for Ontario riders, and we’re happy to announce that you can save up to an additional 50% off your motorcycle premium if you bundle your home and auto with your already great Wawanesa motorcycle insurance.

Who is Wawanesa Insurance & Why Don’t I See Their Ads on TV?

Wawanesa is one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the country. As a mutual company, they aren’t publicly traded and were created to protect their policyholders at reasonable rates. As such, they have the mandate to provide affordable insurance to their policyholders, rather than make the highest possible returns for their investors. As a company that deals exclusively with insurance brokers, you can only obtain a Wawanesa policy through an insurance broker that has access to Wawanesa, just like we do at Mitchell & Whale.

As a mutual company that exists for their policyholders and works exclusively with insurance brokers, it’s up to the insurance broker to find customers that are the right fit for Wawanesa. Wawanesa doesn’t spend your policy premium on expensive TV ads trying to drive profits for their shareholders.

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Who is a Good Fit For a Wawanesa Motorcycle Bundle?

If you have a clean riding record, it’s nice to be recognized as a low-risk rider and have your premiums reflect that. Wawanesa focuses on experienced riders with clean riding records, and as such are able to provide really low rates.

In addition to having some of the lowest rates available to experienced riders, they offer an additional discount of 50% off your motorcycle premium if you bundle your home and auto with your motorcycle policy, and you will get multi-policy discounts on your home and auto as well saving you even more money.

I Have a Super Fun Sports Bike. Can I Get an Awesome Bundle As Well?

Yes, if you have a clean record and have been motorcycle licensed for 6 or more years, Wawanesa recognizes you a safe rider and will insure your sport bike up to 1000cc. You can get up to 50% off your motorcycle rates as well when you bundle your home and auto with your motorcycle, saving you enough money to get new sticky tires.

What if I’m a New Rider?

We’re excited that you’ve discovered the joy of riding and want to help you find great insurance at a great rate. Many insurance companies won’t insure new riders, and that’s why we work with over 40 different insurance companies. We have a home for everyone and want to make sure you can enjoy your new-found passion. We have lots of insurance companies that want new riders and will be more than happy to find you an amazing motorcycle insurance policy. We can even find you discounts for rider training and bundling your home and auto, and once you gain enough experience we can help you set up a Wawanesa policy as well.

What Should I Do With All the Money I Save After Having Mitchell & Whale Find Me Insurance?

You can put your savings towards new sticky tires; lots of gas for riding; a new jacket; new leathers; awesome motorcycle boots; more totally necessary additions to your helmet collection; or taking the significant other out for dinner and a ride. Dinner and a ride gets you brownie points, so you can cash them in for your next addition to the garage. The possibilities are endless. What’s important is you are happy with your insurance, and get to enjoy Ontario riding for many years to come!

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