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Hole in One Prizes and Protection for Your Golf Tournament

If you’re planning or helping to organize a golf tournament, you can add a lot of fun for a low cost with Hole-in-One Insurance. It is very easy to secure hole-in-one insurance allowing you to offer some exciting prizes such as cash or cars, which can be particularly helpful in fund raising activities or charitable tournaments.

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Cash or Cars?

You can confidently offer big cash prizes from $5,000 to $50,000 (or even more) when an amateur player sinks a hole-in-one, knowing your prize costs are covered with hole-in-one insurance. Or maybe offering a new car in that same price range would be more appreciated at your tournament, which can be paid for with the hole-in-one insurance. The cost of the policy can be as low as $100 to $200 for a $5,000 prize, which is certainly a windfall for most people!

Details for Your Hole-in-One Contest

Most insurers will look for these details in order to qualify your event for hole-in-one insurance:

  • # of Participants: most tournaments are limited to 144 golfers any way but if you’re having more or significantly fewer be sure to mention that.
  • Amateurs Only: If there are any golf professionals attending, they are not eligible unless special provisions have been made. (The amateurs who think they are a pro are welcome to try – but just once!)
  • Minimum Yardage: a hole-in-one policy will specify the minimum yardage for all players or it may be different for male and female players. The yardage will be based on the club’s scorecard.
  • No Mulligans! Players only get one attempt from the designated tee using normal golf equipment!
  • Can I Get a Witness? You will need to have a witness in place to monitor the insured hole and authenticate any winner’s scorecard.

Make your tournament even more memorable

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