We’ll Take Care of You While You Take Care of Your Guests

The comfort and happiness of your guests is your calling–your protection is ours. We’ll shop Ontario’s leading insurance companies to get you the best coverage in the industry for your enterprise. Hospitality packages are tailored to:

  • Hotels & motels
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Resorts
  • Spas

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Insurance Coverage Specific to Your Needs

Let us shop Ontario’s leading insurers to find you the broadest coverage, with the highest limits, and fewest gaps in commercial protection. Hospitality and lodging insurance focuses on the operation of your business, and generally includes the following types of coverage:


General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will cover you and your business should you be found liable for personal injury or property damage on your premises.

Liquor Liability

Does your hotel, bar, restaurant or other establishment serve alcohol? Liquor liability will protect you if you’re held responsible for damage or injury caused by any of your guests served past the point of intoxication.


Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Protection for your guests’ vehicles as well as your own. Risks include valet damage, pedestrian or property damage, and poor traffic flow in the private parking lot. Whether for pickup and delivery, company car, or shuttle and limo service to transport hotel guests, your establishment will likely need commercial auto coverage added to your policy.


Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance covers your business assets, including your premises, equipment, inventory, and supplies from risks such as fire, theft, and weather damage. Coverage can be customized specifically for the type of hospitality and/or lodging business you run.

Equipment Breakdown

The equipment you rely on to accommodate your guest’s day-to-day is critical to running your business. Machinery such as heating, ventilation, refrigeration, computer, and telephony systems can and do breakdown. Sudden, accidental equipment breakdown is not covered by standard commercial property insurance; therefore this coverage is a necessity for hotels, bars, restaurants, and resorts.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance helps to cover operating expenses and the loss of income your business could experience after a disaster. This coverage is integral to the risk strategy for all types of hospitality businesses to cover any lost occupancy revenue after fire, theft, or other catastrophes.

Employee Dishonesty

Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Employee fraud and theft is a common risk in the hospitality industry. Extensive access to your hotel, restaurant, or bar by your employees—from management to housekeeping—exposes you to potential losses that can add up substantially over the course of the year.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is vital coverage that mitigates risks associated with the dependency on computer networks and point-of-sale devices to store and process the personal information of your guests. If names, addresses, and credit card numbers are accessed by cybercriminals through a data breach, you will be held responsible. Cyber liability insurance will provide the protection you need from these threats, which are common to the hospitality industry.