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Our commercial brokers can identify your specific needs and find you the best protection at the most competitive rates in Ontario, as either a commercial package targeted to your class of business or a custom solution.

Whether you’re a single contractor or operate a multi-location corporation, finding the right commercial insurance is a time consuming, yet critical, aspect of running your business. Speak with one of our business insurance experts for a custom policy and big savings on your coverage.

Insurance Protection For All Businesses, Big & Small

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Options For Business Owners Insurance

Depending on the type of business you’re in and your own personal situation, there are a number of options to consider to protect your livelihood.

Business Property Insurance

You can protect your business earnings and assets if some disaster or emergency destroys part of it or all of it with the following:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: covers your business property and buildings if they are damaged or destroyed by fire or other specified risks.
  • Contents Insurance: covers the inventory and other assets kept in your business location, which is especially important if you rent space for your business.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: is certainly needed for vehicles owned by your business but is also particularly important if you are using personal vehicles for commercial purposes.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This is also called business income insurance since it provides you with income while you rebuild or recover from a fire or some other disaster that disrupts your operations.

Business Liability Insurance

No one means to make a mistake but they do happen and lawsuits follow. Here are the common types of liability insurance to protect your business from lawsuits:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance covers you when customers or employees are injured at your premises.
  • Product Liability Insurance protects your business in case your products have defects or cause harm to anyone who uses them.
  • Professional Liability Insurance is needed for those who consult or provide advice in case a client sues for losses due to errors, omissions or negligence on your part.

Insurance for key players

If the departure or death of a partner or a key employee would threaten the future of your business, or your own untimely death would leave your family with significant debt, then you should consider:

  • Life Insurance on yourself, especially if you are the only employee.
  • Partnership Insurance if you have a partner so you can continue with the business if they pass away.
  • Disability Insurance to give you an income if an injury or illness stops you from working.

The right insurance protection will secure your business and your financial future by protecting you from lawsuits and / or devastating loss. Our specialty insurance brokers will be happy to tailor your commercial insurance policy policy to cover your unique business needs so that you can manage a successful, operable business.