Calling All Contractors! Do You Have The Right Insurance?

Contracting businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from large general contractors with hundreds of employees, to individual plumbers, electricians and bricklayers working from a home-based office. They all need insurance, and some need special coverage that doesn’t apply to other businesses. Learn more about insurance for contracting businesses, large and small.

Plumber thinking about lost tools, lost inventory, and accidents on the job.

The Most Common Insurance Risks For Plumbing Contractors

How Plumbers Can Shut The Financial Leak Of Their Businesses

The onset of winter generally signals a boon for Ontario’s 7,000 or so licensed plumbers as winter takes its toll on building and house piping and fixtures. On the surface, plumbing seems to be a relatively safe livelihood, however, a closer look at the potential physical and financial risks plumbers face paints a different picture. Read more

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