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Laura Loder

Account Manager

Office: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 159
Direct: 905-761-5078
Text: 905-761-5078
Fax: 905-761-5078

Hey, I’m Laura!

When Laura’s helping M&W customers bundle their home and auto insurance to save, she’s usually indoors. When she’s not, she mostly prefers to be outdoors. But heck, it’s the age of cellphones and mobile data, so if you’re talking to Laura and you hear waves crashing on a sandy beach or birds chirping, just go with it. Unless a Raccoon steals her phone, you’ll still get a great deal on all your insurance needs.

  • Saved me hundreds on my premiums!

    My premiums with my existing insurance provider elevated on claim-less policies, so I was...
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