1. Awards

Mitchell & Whale is proud to have earned industry recognition. We have been honoured with the following recent acclaims:

Voted #1 Brokerage In Ontario

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers has been recently voted #1 insurance company in Ontario by Insurance Business Canada Magazine.

Top 30 Elite Brokers in Canada

Adam Mitchell has grown the family brokerage to place him in the 24th spot overall for 2014, and at the top of those in his revenue category.

IBC’s Young Guns Report

Adam Mitchell was selected as one of the industry’s best and brightest rising stars in Insurance Business Canada’s annual Young Guns report in 2015 and 2016.

2. Media Releases

Are Uber Drivers and Passengers Adequately Insured?

Leading Ontario Insurance Broker Mitchell & Whale cautions the answer is not so clear.

Whitby Ontario – Dec 1, 2015 – uberX provides everyday cars for everyday use. Prices are reasonable, the vehicles are readily available and driven by well-meaning people looking to make a few extra dollars. But before signing up to become an uberX driver, consider the insurance implications. Do you have to inform your insurance broker that you are using your vehicle to carry passengers for compensation?

Will your standard automobile insurance policy cover you? Will Uber’s insurance cover you? Is there additional insurance you need to purchase to have full coverage? Whose insurance covers your passenger if they are injury? These questions and others were recently reviewed by Adam Mitchell, President of Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. based in Whitby, Ontario.  The answers to these questions generate concern.

“A driver who is currently an uberX driver or is considering becoming one, must inform his insurance broker of the changed use of the vehicle. In Ontario, there are no insurance policies specifically for uberX drivers, aside from a Taxi Policy, which can cost $10k plus per year.  The 6A endorsement designed for car-pooling does not apply,” said Adam Mitchell. “A policy could become void and coverage denied if an accident occurs. It is important to get the facts to avoid the risk of not being covered. “ All insurance brokers ask clients when reviewing an application “Is this vehicle being used to carry passengers for compensation?” Not answering truthfully can void a policy.

It is important to note that insurance companies are currently in the process of developing products for uberX drivers in Ontario, although none, as of November 2015 have been put in place.

To fully understand the implications of the insurance gaps, 6 scenarios must be considered:

  1. The driver is injured in a collision when they are not working for uberX, but driving their car for personal use.
  2. The driver is injured in a collision when they are driving to pick up an uberX customer.
  3. The driver is injured in a collision when they are driving with an uberX customer in their car.
  4. The uberX passenger is injured in a collision, and has auto benefits of their own.
  5. The uberX passenger is injured in a collision, and has no auto benefits of their own.
  6. The uberX passenger is a casualty as a result of a collision.

Your insurance broker is well informed to discuss these scenarios with you, to monitor industry developments and protect your interests, whether you are an uberX driver or passenger.  It is critically important to be fully aware of insurance gaps, risks and limits.

About Mitchell & Whale

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a family-run business operating since 1948. An Insurance Broker based in Whitby, the company is licensed throughout Ontario and works with clients from Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Toronto, GTA and beyond across Ontario!

Company Contact: Adam Mitchell| President, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd., Office @ 1-800-731-2228 x 101, Direct Phone | Fax | Text @ 905 443 0284, amitchell@nullmitchellwhale.com

CBC News

Rise of Uber forcing Canadian insurance companies to adapt

As municipalities continue to debate the legality of Uber’s ride-hailing service, UberX, its enormous popularity is prompting Canadian insurance companies to introduce coverage for drivers carrying paying passengers in their personal vehicles.

“Insurance needs to keep up,” Adam Mitchell, president of Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. in Whitby, Ont., told CBC News. “It’s one of the stodgiest old industries, that hasn’t innovated and hasn’t been totally disrupted yet.”

But that disruption now appears to have arrived, Mitchell says, pointing to the growing “sharing economy” that is, among other things, affecting the way people use cars and taxis.

“This is not your grandfather’s taxi,” he said of services like Uber and Lyft.

In October 2014, the Insurance Bureau of Canada issued a warning that drivers without commercial coverage who use their cars to carry paying passengers were in violation of their personal insurance policies and could be denied compensation in the event of an accident.
But the commercial coverage required for taxi drivers is prohibitively expensive for people trying to earn a few extra bucks driving their personal vehicles for Uber, Mitchell said.

Last September, Intact Financial and Uber announced they were working together to develop an insurance plan “designed exclusively for the ride-sharing industry in Canada.”

Earlier this week, Intact Financial spokeswoman Stephanie Sorenson confirmed in an email to CBC News that the company had been “working proactively with insurance regulators in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec since August to develop simple and affordable products that fit the needs of Canadians.

“We are optimistic that products will be approved in these jurisdictions soon,” she added.

Read the rest of the article at CBC.ca

3. Story Ideas

Adam Mitchell, President Mitchell & Whale Insurance,  has been recognized as a rising star in the insurance industry, embracing new technology to better serve clients in the format they want to work in, while expanding business hours to continue to offer personal service.  He is a true Thought Leader in the Insurance Technology (#insurtech) space.

“Adam Mitchell has big ambitions for Mitchell & Whale Insurance – and the talent to fulfil them. This year alone, Mitchell grew the business by 70%. Under his guidance, Mitchell & Whale has been recognized as one of IBC’s top 10 brokerages, and Mitchell himself has been named an IBC elite broker. “He is always leaps and bounds ahead of the competition – myself included – with technology,” says Gillian Van Kempen of Best Buy Insurance Brokers. “And through the development of effective networking, he has the inside scoop – or perhaps an intuition – of what’s coming down the pipeline.” Source: https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/ca/rankings/young-guns-2015/adam-mitchell-45794.aspx

Adam Mitchell

Adam is available for TV, radio and print media interview. Please see a recent interview on Insurance Business TV. He can speak on the following topics and more.

  1. Technology and the future of the Insurance Industry
  2. How to save money on insurance
  3. How to lower your car insurance
  4. Home insurance protects your property
  5. Why car insurance can vary
  6. How the Internet of Things will and will not change insurance
  7. New trends in critical injury insurance
  8. Mistakes to avoid when buying home owner’s insurance

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