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Ontario Pet Insurance

Your pet is always there by your side on good days and bad – whenever you need a friend. So if there comes a time when your pet really needs you, that’s when pet insurance can be extremely helpful.

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Your Pet is Part of the Family too!

As a true member of your family, you want to do your best to make sure your pet is happy and healthy for a lifetime. However unexpected health issues or accidents can be costly and difficult to accommodate in the budget. Pet insurance is an affordable way for pet owners to be prepared, offering peace of mind and assurance that your dog, cat, or other pet—and your finances—are always covered.

Accident Coverage

Did you know that an accident involving your pet, whether a swallowed string to an incident with another animal could easily cost $1,000 or more in vet bills, medication, and treatment? With the right pet insurance in place, you can provide the best health care for your pet without hesitation, wondering how you will manage the bills.

Illness Coverage

In addition to accidental injuries, pets, like humans, can suffer from illness as they age. When the only treatments for a pet’s condition require expensive medical procedures, it can leave pet owners stranded facing a tough decision. With the right pet insurance, most medical procedures are covered in part or in full, guaranteeing the best outcome possible for your furry family member.

Affordable Lifetime Coverage

In general, lifetime pet insurance is available as follows:

  • For pets between the ages of 8 months and 9 years;
  • No termination based on age or physical complication;
  • Once your pet is covered, he’s covered for life;
  • Most policies guarantee thousands of dollars in protection over the lifetime of a pet;
  • Costs as little as 30 cents a day, or just over $100 per year.

In fact, premiums over a pet’s life will more than likely cost less than one surgical procedure, making insurance the best investment possible for Fido or Fluffy.

Pet insurance is a small commitment to make for a lifetime of snuggles, kisses, and good times. Instead of risking unexpected and costly vet bills, let pet insurance protect your budget while you provide the best care for your pet.

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