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Full Protection Against Loss, Damage, and Injury

Just like owning a car, any investment you make in a boat or other watercraft can be protected with insurance. Marine insurance, also called boating insurance, can be designed according to the type of watercraft you own.

Who Needs Marine Insurance?

If you have smaller watercraft such as canoes, kayaks or paddleboats, or any boat that does not have a motor on it, you can usually have that included in your homeowner’s policy, depending on your liability limits.

For larger boats with motors, or for personal watercraft (such as Jet-Skis or Seadoos) protecting yourself with marine insurance is a wise move. Not only will your boat and related equipment be protected from loss or damage, but more importantly, you will have liability coverage in case of injuries to people on board your watercraft or others in the water.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Marine Insurance

There are a variety of factors that will influence the rates for your marine insurance policy, some of which are obvious and some you may not think of:

  • The size of your boat,
  • The size of your motor,
  • The value of your boat,
  • Where do you use it?
  • How far do you travel with it?
  • Who operates it? And
  • Where do you store it in winter?

Requirements for Boating Insurance

In Ontario, you need some sort of ‘proof of competency’ to operate a power-driven boat. The most common proof is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), which you can get by passing an accredited boating safety test. It is based on the rules on the water and knowing how to safely operate a boat.

Also required is a valid pleasure craft license to operate any pleasure craft powered by a motor over 10 horsepower (7.5 kW). It is free and applications are available online at Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety or at Service Canada Centres.

Insure Your Fun on the Water

Enjoy your boat or other watercraft with peace of mind knowing you are well protected with marine insurance. For the lowest rates and personal service too, contact the insurance experts at Mitchell & Whale at 1-800-731-2228 or email us at We’d be happy to talk with you.