Wayfarer Insurance Group

Wayfarer Insurance Group

Wayfarer Insurance Group (formerly Wayfarer Insurance Brokers) has specialized in recreational vehicle insurance since it was founded in 1989, and that means many years of creating insurance that meets the very specific needs of outdoor and RV enthusiasts in Ontario.

Wayfarer Insurance Group
Founded 1989
Headquarters Beaverton, Ontario
Employees 11-50
Insurance Products RV Insurance Brokerage

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Company Overview

Wayfarer Insurance Group only works with RV owners, but the company has amassed a client base of over 100,000 insured in the past few decades. As the company grows, it will become more adept at comprehensive insurance for recreational vehicles. The company is also working closely with Elite Insurance Company to create custom protection options for clients who have very specific needs.

Wayfarer Insurance Group is underwritten by Aviva, and shares its offerings with other brokers throughout Ontario to make sure that everyone who needs specialized RV insurance gets it.

Other reasons people come to Wayfarer Insurance include:

  • Strong underwriting from Aviva Elite Insurance Company
  • Decades of experience in covering every type of recreational vehicle on the road
  • A team of experts in the field of recreational vehicles and the needs of RV owners
  • Protection for possessions as well as for the actual RV itself

The Wayfarer Advantage

    If you are a recreational vehicle enthusiast, then Wayfarer Insurance Group has many advantages you should be taking advantage of. The company’s expertise in the RV insurance industry is well-documented, and some of the other advantages to working with Wayfarerinclude:

    • An Informational Resource – Wayfarer Insurance Group is not just a place for RV insurance, it is also a place for comprehensive RV information. The company website has plenty of informational article, and the company also offers the Explorer RV Club for people who want to get a lot more out of their recreational vehicle experience.
    • Service Options – Normally, an insurance company offering service options is not something to get excited about. But any RV owner knows that an insurance company that offers flexible premium payment programs and 24/7 claims options is something unique. Wayfarer goes out of its way for its RV clients to provide a level of insurance that other RV companies do not offer.
    • Fifth Wheel Coverage – RV owners know it is hard enough to find comprehensive coverage for their motorhome or camper, which makes finding Fifth Wheel coverage extremely difficult. One of the areas of expertise for Wayfarer Insurance is Fifth Wheel coverage, which makes life a lot easier on its clients.

    Wayfarer’s Insurance Products

    Wayfarer Insurance Group offers a very specialized, yet extremely comprehensive, set of recreational insurance offerings. The company treats each situation on a case-by-case basis, and can customize coverage for any client. Wayfarer can also help to insure your possessions, and provide relief if your RV is ever disabled due to damage.

    Motorhome Insurance

    Whether you use your motorhome to see the countryside during the summer or as your primary residence, Wayfarer has the insurance solution you will need. As part of its comprehensive offerings, Wayfarer Insurance Group covers a wide variety of motorhomes including:

    • Class A
    • Class B
    • Class C

    Trailer Insurance

    The open road does not beckon everyone in the same way. Some adventures prefer the smaller size and freedom that comes with utilizing a trailer. To help those clients, Wayfarer Insurance Group covers:

    • Fifth Wheel configurations
    • Fold-down trailers
    • Multi-purpose travel trailers
    • Truck campers

    Park Model Insurance

    Park models are the more comprehensive type of RVs, and they can also be the most difficult to insure. No matter what type of configuration you have for your park model, Wayfarer can help you to get peace of mind with complete coverage.

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    Wayfarer Insurance Quotes

    Find out what RV coverage Wayfarer has for you by contacting one of the brokers at Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers today: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

    Wayfarer Insurance Group
    Head Office:
    308 Bay Street, Box 160, Beaverton, Ontario L0K 1A0, Canada
    After-hours Claims: 1.844.929.4768

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