TD Insurance

As a part of TD Bank Group, one of the largest financial services firms in Canada, TD Insurance has built itself into one of the top 3 personal home and auto insurance groups in Canada.

TD Insurance
Founded 1969
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Employees 1001-5000
Products Auto, Home, Life, Health, Travel Medical, Credit Protection, Motorcycle, RV, & Business Credit Life Insurance
Provinces Licensed AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Life Insurance not available Quebec.
*TD auto insurance not available in BC, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan. Check with your broker for product availability.

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Company Overview

Specializing in personal insurance, TD Insurance (TDI) is a great fit for anyone who wants to have complete control over their personal coverage options. TDI offers multiple tiers of coverage and risk protection in most of their coverage areas, allowing customers the chance to build an insurance package that fits their needs and their budget.

TD Insurance offers a full range of personal insurance products to customers throughout Canada, from basic home and auto policies to travel, rental, specialty vehicle, life, accident and sickness and even a credit protection policy. TD Insurance’s stated goal is to assist Canadians in finding a mix of coverages that is right for them so that they can have peace of mind.

Customers rely on TD for the following features:

  • No shortage of ways to create multi-line, bundled packages with the potential for savings
  • Excellent customer service and a fast and fair problem resolution system in place
  • A wide variety of options for any personal (non-commercial) coverage

TD Insurance Advantages

TD’s reputation as a customer-first insurance company is backed up by their versatility in the products they offer. TD wants customers to not only be able to choose what risks they want to protect against, but to be able to understand their insurance policies so that when a crisis comes up, they can be confident that they’re protected.

TD Insurance makes it clear that the company is all about protecting its customers. To ensure that TD agents keep a customer’s best interests in mind, the company does not have a staff that works off of commission, freeing agents to provide necessary information instead of trying to upsell. Some of the advantages of using TD Insurance for your personal coverage needs include:

  • Customizable Packages – For almost every product they sell, TD offers a variety of tiered coverage options, allowing the customer to pick and choose what they want to include. TD also gives customers access to a versatile selection of multi-line discounts based on the different plans and services they elect to buy and bundle.
  • Customer-First Policies – When customers use TD Insurance for their personal coverage needs, they can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing a company has their best interests in mind. TD provides unmatched guidance and crucial information for current and prospective customers alike, so that they can have confidence in the insurance buying process.
  • User-Friendly Technology – Visitors to TD Insurance’s site can use an assessment tool to identify what types of insurance their unique set of life circumstances call for. Additionally, TD offers auto insurance customers the opportunity to use its app to track driving habits in exchange for the opportunity to earn safe driving discounts.

TD Insurance Products

TD Insurance doesn’t sell any commercial insurance products, choosing instead to focus on having an industry leading selection of policies for home, auto, life, accident and sickness coverage, as well as credit protection.

Home Insurance

TD offers three separate coverage levels for the following:

  • Homes
  • Condos
  • Rentals

For all three, TD allows customers to choose the level of risk protection they want and can afford. The company also makes some discounts available, and customers can save by:

  • Going 5 years without a claim
  • Having an approved security system
  • Having a remote fire detection system
  • Having a mortgage that’s completely paid off

Auto Insurance

TD Insurance’s coverage of vehicles involves a set of mandatory risk protections, including accident liability and direct compensation. Also offered are enhanced and special coverage options, including:

  • Enhanced coverage for specified perils
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Accident forgiveness
  • If a vehicle is lost or stolen, the owner can be reimbursed up to the value of the car

Discounts for TD auto policies include:

  • Bundled home and auto discount
  • Discount for having an approved anti-theft system
  • Discount for having two or more vehicles insured with TD Insurance
  • Safe driving discount, if a customer uses TD’s driving performance tracker

TD Motorcycle and RV Insurance

TD Insurance also has a range of coverage options for motorcycles, RVs and other specialty vehicles, including:

  • Motorcycles
  • Motor Homes
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles

Each of these come standard with the coverage perks you’d expect from such a policy, such as third-party liability, direct compensation, and accident forgiveness, but also give customers the choice of additional coverage against different levels of extensive perils.

In addition, there are other ways to save on these coverage options, including:

  • A discount for bundling an RV and a motorcycle with a home policy
  • A discount for bundling a home insurance policy with multiple motorcycles
  • A discount for having an approved anti-theft system installed
  • A discount for bundling a standard automobile with specialty vehicle coverage

Travel Insurance

TD offers travelers different ranges of coverage based on how much they travel and their unique risk profile, insuring plane tickets and reimbursing medical costs incurred while traveling.

Life Insurance

TD Insurance provides different types of customers life insurance policies that fit their circumstances, including multi-tiered coverage options for the following:

  • A customer who is young and single
  • New couples
  • Customers with a new home
  • Growing families
  • Business owners

Life plans from TD Insurance are available that promise to protect customers’ financial security by:

  • Paying off debts
  • Starting education funds
  • Replacing lost income
  • Covering estate taxes and maximizing estate value

Accident and Sickness Coverage

TD Insurance also offers minimal personal health insurance plans that provide risk protection in case a customer:

  • Is critically injured or ill
  • Is hospitalized

If a TD customer suffers death as the result of an accident, the decedent’s family would receive a tax-free benefit.

Credit Protection

TD customers can elect to add coverage to:

  • Mortgage
  • Credit line
  • Other loan
  • Credit card
  • Business credit

TD Insurance Trade Names & Brands

The following insurance companies, agencies, and brokers are collectively known as TD Insurance (TDI):

TDI Insurance Companies:

  • Security National Insurance Company: Offers home and auto insurance in Canada under the trade name Meloche Monnex Insurance and Financial Services in Quebec and as Meloche Monnex Financial Services Inc. in the rest of Canada.
  • Primmum Insurance Company: Offers group home and auto insurance in Canada under the trade names TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and TD Insurance Home and Auto.
  • TD General Insurance Company: Offers home and auto insurance in Ontario under the trade name TD Insurance Home and Auto.
  • TD Home and Auto Insurance Company: Offers home and auto insurance in Canada.
  • TD Life Insurance Company: Offers home and auto insurance in Canada, except for Quebec.

TDI Insurance Brokers/Agencies:

  • Meloche Monnex Financial Services Inc.: The Ontario distributor of home and auto insurance for Professionals and Alumni, underwritten by Security National Insurance Company.
  • Meloche Monnex Insurance and Financial Services Inc.: The Quebec distributor of home and auto insurance for Professionals and Alumni, underwritten by Security National Insurance Company.
  • TD Insurance Direct Agency Inc.: The Canadian distributor (except Ontario and Quebec) of home and auto insurance for Professionals and Alumni, underwritten by Security National Insurance Company.
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TD Insurance
Customer Care Dept:
66 Wellington St. W, PO Box, 1 TD Centre , Toronto, ON M5K 1A2, Canada
Phone: 1-866-361-2311

TD Insurance Reviews

Rated 1.4 stars
1.4 / 5 (24)


  • Savings
    User: 47%
  • Application Process
    User: 24%
  • Claims Process
    User: 10%
  • Rate stability
    User: 27%
  • Document delivery
    User: 35%

Randy Tyrrell
Rating: 2
2 /5 stars

  • Savings
    User: 0%
  • Application Process
    User: 0%
  • Claims Process
    User: 0%
  • Rate stability
    User: 0%
  • Document delivery
    User: 0%

TD Meloche Monex not very nice

on 2019-11-19 23:32:45

I was rear ended at around 50kms and my car pushed into the vehicle ahead of me, not my fault or the person in front. TD tried hard to low ball me for the damage, my car was totaled, once they told me the car was done they told me to return the rental and that I would have to purchase a new vehicle. They offered me far below what the car was worth until I said lawyer, they upped the offer by $4000.00 but I still had to return the rental. I asked how was I to go find a new one and get to work, they told me to rent a car at my expense. Had my car been repairable I could have kept the rental until it was out of the shop. I ended up having to buy another car and had to pay out of pocket around 6000.00$ for the almost exact same vehicle a couple of years newer, mileage was nearly the same. I had planned on keeping that car for another 4 or 5 years before buying another and had had some work done on it just the month before, it was a loaded vehicle all the bells and whistles, I ended up with a lesser car but 2 years newer. When I threatened a lawyer the woman came back and said that "this was only the first offer, no need for a lawyer" why wouldn't they just offer me the correct amount in the first place, slimy company, could care less about it's clients, $ is the bottom line. They also told me that my damaged laptop would have to be claimed through my home insurance, yup there is a $500.00 deductible on a laptop that was worth about $500.00. I was not at fault yet they treated me like I was a criminal not the victim. They did pay for the ambulance to take me to hospital, but would not pay my salary for the 3 days I was recovering and off work. They said I had to be off for 7 days or more before they would pay my discounted wages, 70% I think. We insure everything with them, 3 cars, our house, my motorcycle, skidoo and our 4x4. We really get no break in costs from them. Our house insurance is almost $2000.00 a year while my neighbor pays around 850.00$ a year, they can't or won't explain why we pay so much. So I am looking for a better less expensive company to take my nearly $6500.00 a year in insurance products. TD Meloche Monex does not treat it's clients very well I am afraid. On top of all that the people I had to speak with were not very nice, they took a confrontational approach with me, one guy even telling me that he would never have offered me that much for my car and that I should be thankful and take the money it won't get any better than what they offered me. I should have asked my lawyer to step in, even if it did cost me his fee. I did not sue the fellow who hit me from behind because it was a series of events that was out of all three vehicles control. I should have now that I look back on all that happened. That money would have come out of his pocket instead of mine. Live and learn I guess.

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