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Pafco Insurance has been insuring non-standard drivers in Ontario for over 25 years. For those who struggle with obtaining coverage from the standard auto insurance market, Pafco may be a good fit.

Pafco works best for drivers who have special insurance needs, due to:

  • A poor driving record due to tickets
  • Claims history
  • A lack of driving experience
  • Past lapses in coverage
  • Any other issue getting auto insurance

Pafco Advantages

Ontario drivers can benefit from coverage from Pafco Insurance in several ways. Pafco has the experience necessary to get you affordable rates on non-standard auto insurance while helping you on your way back toward the standard auto insurance market. Key benefits of Pafco Insurance include:

  • Competitive prices: For high-risk drivers, this is one of Pafco’s best features. Rates are typically more affordable than other non-standard auto insurance providers.
  • Discounts: Even though your driving history may not be the best, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t benefit from discounts. Pafco offers a number of saving opportunities to help make your insurance even more affordable.
  • 24/7 claims: High level of support with 24/7 claims service provides fast response times to any type of loss or accident. The company is committed to providing a more hands-on, personal level of support to drivers.
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Pafco Insurance Quotes

For a quote on Pafco auto insurance, or if you need help finding high risk auto insurance coverage in Ontario, speak with one of our specialist auto insurance brokers: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Pafco Insurance Company
Head Office:
27 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100, Markham, Ontario L3R 5P8, Canada
Claims: 1-800-387-0462

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