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Marsh Canada Ltd. is one of the largest and most prestigious business insurance brokers and risk mitigation companies in the country. With its incredibly diverse service offering, Marsh is able to offer protection for a variety of business circumstances.

Marsh Canada Ltd.

HeadquartersToronto, Ontario
Insurance ProductsInsurance Broking, Risk Management, Risk Consulting.
Provinces LicensedOntario

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Company Overview

Marsh Canada is a member of the leading insurance broker in the world, NYC-based Marsh & McLennan (est. 1905), and utilises an extensive network of insurance carriers to create custom solutions and risk protection programs to fit each customer’s needs.

Marsh’s extensive service offerings include:

  • Environmental risk consulting
  • Manufactured product liability and recall protection
  • Small business insurance
  • Financial and professional liability
  • Political risk protection

Marsh Canada also offers a wide range of international business services that include trade credit protection and terrorism risk assessment. Marsh has 11 offices throughout Canada populated with business experts who are ready to create solutions for all of their customers’ specific business needs.

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Marsh Canada Insurance Quotes

Give one of our Ontario brokers at Mitchell & Whale a call and get the business coverage you need: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Marsh’s Strengths

Marsh is a company with international affiliations and an army of the best qualified business professionals. The company can offer programs that enhance your company’s current risk mitigation efforts, and give you insurance liability protection that will keep your business safe from economic harm. Clients who utilise Marsh will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Team Approach – Every Marsh client benefits from the large network of providers and team of business professionals that Marsh has developed. Within each business liability policy will be elements of risk mitigation that most companies do not offer. Marsh also offers business consulting services that complement their liability offerings.
  • Comprehensive Client Profiles – Each Marsh client goes through a profiling process that allows the Marsh experts to create a comprehensive understanding of all of the client’s liability and risk mitigation needs. This business tool not only helps Marsh to establish the right programs to meet a client’s needs, but establishes a baseline that experts can use to update services as needed.
  • Data-Driven Solutions – Marsh uses the big data tools that are available to create precise solutions to every client’s needs. Data is constantly collected from each client, and the Marsh business experts use that data to adjust, remove, or add services as needed.

Marsh Canada’s Insurance Products

Marsh Canada offers a wide range of business insurance, professional services, and risk protection products that can be used to formulate dynamic solutions to a variety of liability issues.


The casualty protection offerings from Marsh include a variety of liability services including:

  • International casualty
  • Excess liability
  • Employment practises and recruiting liability
  • General liability
  • Product liability

Financial and Professional Liability

Marsh has products that can protect the health of your executives, the financial status of your company, and your organisation’s reputation.

  • Directors and corporate officers liability
  • Protection from paperwork errors and omissions
  • Fiduciary and crime protection

Product Liability and Recall

Marsh has a unique set of insurance services that protect manufactures in the event of a product malfunction or a complete recall. A simple product recall could be a financially devastating event, and Marsh is ready to make sure that a recall does not put your company out of business.

  • Product liability and recall prevention
  • Comprehensive product recall preparation services

Small Business Insurance

A small business is considered any company with 200 employees or less, and Marsh knows that most companies of that size do not have the resources for an in-house risk mitigation and liability protection team. That is why Marsh offers:

  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Management liability protection
  • Customizable employee benefits programs
  • Personal insurance offerings for employees

Marsh Canada Insurance Quotes

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Give one of our Ontario brokers at Mitchell & Whale a call and get the business coverage you need: rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Marsh Canada
Head Office:
120 Bremner Blvd, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario M5J 0A8, Canada
Phone Number: 416-868-2600