Facility Association

Facility Association

The Facility Association is a unique insurer in that it is an unincorporated organization that operates as a not-for-profit company. The group is comprised of auto insurance providers from throughout Ontario, and its job is to maintain stability within the auto insurance market.

Ontario is one of nine provinces and territories that offer this service as Facility Association does not operate in provinces that already have mechanisms in place to provide auto insurance to all consumers who need it. Facility Association helps consumers by:

  • Offering high risk auto insurance to drivers who might not otherwise get it
  • Making sure auto insurance is available to help avoid uninsured motorist situations
  • Making it easy for consumers who can qualify for insurance to get it
  • Helping drivers to avoid the steep fines and penalties that come with not having auto insurance in Ontario

Facility Association has a physical presence in the form of a Board of Directors and an informational website, but its insurance coverage exists more as an idea than a product. Since Facility Association is not-for-profit, there is no need to constantly monitor premiums or worry about increasing corporate profitability.

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Facility Association Insurance Quotes

As licensed insurance brokers in Ontario, we can help you with coverage from Facility Association, and give you the advice you need to improve your insurance status: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Facility-association Strengths

The advantages that come with the work done by Facility Association are both obvious and not so obvious to consumers. While the premiums for Facility Association policies do tend to be more expensive than standard auto insurance, this sort of service is an excellent bridge product to help consumers abide by the insurance laws of Ontario while they look for replacement insurance that is not quite as expensive. The benefits of the work done by Facility Association include:

  • Everyone Can Be Insured – There are some very hard cases that would prevent a driver from being insured by any carrier, but those cases are few and far between. With Facility Association, high risk drivers who are rejected by every other carrier will find coverage that will help them to legally drive a vehicle on Ontario roads.
  • Reduction In Uninsured Motorists – An auto owner who abides by the law and carries the right amount of insurance can find themselves in a deep financial hole if they are struck by an uninsured driver. Facility Association recognises how unfair it is to law-abiding citizens to have to bear the financial brunt of being involved in an accident with uninsured drivers, and that is what makes Facility Association insurance so important.
  • Maintaining Market Stability – Facility Association gives insurance options to high risk drivers who might otherwise take risks that could significantly raise the cost of insurance in Ontario. The destabilising effect of high risk drivers is offset by the coverage offered through Facility Association. The work done by Facility Association helps to keep the insurance market stable, and allows law-abiding citizens to enjoy reasonable insurance premiums.

Insurance Products

Any licensed insurance broker in Ontario can write policies for Facility Association insurance products. Consumers do not need to look for any special office or phone number to get coverage. They can simply check in with their favourite insurance broker. Facility Association offers an effective roster of insurance products that can help any driver to stay legally on the road.

Uninsured Automobile Funds

Facility Association is obliged to administer the Uninsured Automobile Funds pool of money that is used to help insured drivers offset the financial burden created by uninsured drivers. It is a fund that the various Ontario insurance companies contribute to, and it is maintained as part of the work done by Facility Association.

Why You Would Need Facility Association

The most common reasons people require the services of Facility Association include:

  • A poor driving record or a new driver with no record
  • A substantial history of making claims
  • Owning a vehicle known to be a high risk on the road
  • A persistent record of reckless or dangerous driving citations
  • A documented inability to maintain insurance payments
  • A history of accidents

Risk Sharing Pools

The Risk Sharing Pools are options set up by Facility Association for brokers to use if they are not able to write auto insurance for a high risk driver. When an Ontario broker is unable to take on a high risk driver’s policy, they will transfer that policy to the Risk Sharing Pools where the driver must complete a different type of insurance application.

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Facility Association Insurance Quotes

As licensed insurance brokers in Ontario, we can help you with coverage from Facility Association, and give you the advice you need to improve your insurance status: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Facility Association
Head Office:
777 Bay Street, Suite 2400, P.O. Box 121, Toronto, ON M5G 2C8, Canada
Phone: 416-863-1750

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