Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance, since rebranding their North American presence from Mondial Assistance in 2012, has become on the world’s leaders in travel insurance and financial protection.

Allianz Global Assistance Canada
Founded 1988
Headquarters Kitchener Ontario
Employees in Canada 600+ (2016)
Canadian Mkt. Share* 0.74% (2019)
Insurance Products Travel Insurance, incl. Trip cancellation, Emergency medical
Provinces Licensed AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies. (For Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company).

Company Overview

In Canada, the company’s presence is as strong as anywhere else in the world, making Allianz Global Assistance a great choice for those interested in international travel risk protection, as well as medical care wherever during travel.

The Allianz Group entered the Canadian market in the late 1980s. Although the company only offers a few packages, they have become the top choice in travel insurance for multiple airlines, as well as individuals all over the world.

Some of the features Allianz clients have come to expect include:

  • Truly comprehensive travel coverage
  • Per trip protection from risk and peril when traveling
  • Peace of mind that large travel investments are protected

Allianz’s global presence as a provider of travel insurance solutions has become a point of comfort for the company’s clients in Ontario and throughout the other 33 countries covered by the Allianz and Mondial brand. Buyers of Allianz Global Protections trip insurance policies can have the kind of peace of mind that comes with knowing that basically wherever you’re going, your insurance company will be there to handle any claims or disputes.

Since the company is so large, it depends on partners and brokers to connect clients with the products that Allianz offers. As such, Allianz Global Assistance has built a solid rapport with the brokerages that offer its products to their clients.

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Advantages of Allianz Global Assistance

There are several advantages to using Allianz Global Assistance for travel insurance. The company is dependable, backed by their presence as the preferred travel insurance provider by several major North American airlines. Also, although their product selection isn’t expansive, it offers coverage for practically any conceivable risk that could arise during travel, which makes them a reliable source of coverage, both within the country and/or continent, as well as overseas.

Here are some of the advantages of using Allianz Global for insurance coverage:

  • A simple shopping experience. One way Allianz benefits from only offering a few plans is that shopping for coverage is exceedingly simple. Interested shoppers select the policy that meets their needs and buys it, without having to understand complicated insurance jargon and select from a wide range of different coverage options.
  • The company offers big value. Some people don’t like working with massive insurers like Allianz because they feel they won’t be heard or they’ll have to wait to have their claims dealt with, but Allianz Global’s size is a plus for their insurance products. Because of the company’s enormous assets, it can offer a large dollar amount of coverage for a lower price, which has contributed to Allianz’s worldwide reputation.
  • Per-trip coverage options. Some companies make travelers buy a long-term travel policy, which wastes money if the policyholder doesn’t travel for any amount of time. Allianz offers plans that span the length of a single trip so that no money is being spent on travel coverage outside of the actual traveling.

Because of the value and flexibility that Allianz Global Assistance offers in a reliable way, the company has built itself a reputation in Ontario as a reliable insurer with a significant investment in the community.

Allianz Global Assistance Insurance Products

Allianz operates solely in the market for travel insurance, but its focus in the area has built the company up to the level of a global leader in the industry. Here are the products that the company offers.

Travel Insurance

Allianz Global Assistance offers 3 travel insurance plans:

  • Allianz Emergency Medical Coverage
  • Allianz Trip Protector Coverage
  • Allianz Comprehensive Coverage

Allianz Emergency Medical

This plan is a good fit for travelers with chronic health issues or frequent health concerns. If a health issue makes a traveler unable to board a flight to their destination, or needs medical services overseas, the company insures services up to 5 million dollars. If a policyholder needs emergency medical transportation, Allianz offers an unlimited benefit.

Allianz Trip Protector

This plan is a better fit for someone whose travel plans are a major investment: expensive flights, accommodations, etc. The plan insures baggage, as well as benefits in the event of trip cancellation, interruption or delay at any point along the way.

Allianz Comprehensive

Comprehensive trip insurance is the most expansive policy, combining the benefits of trip protector insurance with emergency medical insurance. Travelers are guaranteed the maximum benefits of both policies, ensuring that perils while traveling affect a trip as little as possible.

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Allianz Global Assistance
Head Office:
4273 King St. E. , Kitchener, Ontario N2P 2E9, Canada
Toll-free: 1-800-461-1079

Allianz Global Assistance Reviews

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1 / 5 (15)


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william walsh
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars


on 2020-10-27 20:25:31


Ryan Phillips
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Do not Buy

on 2020-10-11 10:59:39

So it’s been 6 months now since we submitted our claim and they continue to spin us around in circles. We bought the insurance months before Covid 19 was even on the radar, in fact we bought our insurance long before the posted cut off date that Allianz claims they won’t cover after. If you need a piece of paper to help you sleep at night go for it, just pray you don’t have to use it. When they know you’ve got them and legally they are required to pay out, that’s when the games will begin.

Pieter Kooiman
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars


on 2020-10-05 18:19:08

Drip, drip, drip of reasons to deny my claim on deposit paid to tour operator that went out of business. I provided all information on initial call and submitted all documents. They denied claim based on my son's birthday. When I pointed out it was in the documentation, then they denied claim because they said email from operator going out of business wasn't sufficient. When I sent supplemental email from lawyers saying I would have to appear in South Africa court to try to reclaim my deposit, they denied my claim saying I had not booked air carrier on my card, even though I told them I had on phone call and was in documentation. Allianz' tactic is to wear you down through attrition even after you have clarified that they have all information necessary. PATHETIC SERVICE, DO NOT USE ALLIANZ!

Allianz Sucks
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Avoid Allianz at all costs

on 2020-09-28 14:10:45

Bought travel insurance thru TD Insurance and it is a tedious, painful process to get your claim even looked at . P*ss poor customer services

They will make you run around in frustration to get and vendor or supplier to state in writing that you didn't get an refund , or voucher . Its a stall delay tactic used screw you over.

Avoid this company or any insurance products they and TD bank sell in my opinion. Insurance is about trust that these two companies don't care about

John Curtis
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars


on 2020-09-16 21:03:55

Stay far away from this company. I submitted my claim on May 6th. September 16th today. Still haven't heard anything. I've called a few times and they feed me the same line. Something is fishy and off with this. I am starting to wonder if they're hoping some customers will forget about their claim eventually. Another crooked insurance company! They lost my business! I hope this company goes belly up for all the displeasure they've caused all their customers!

Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Intentionally tedious, resulting in no joy

on 2020-08-21 14:35:40

I had to claim a small tire puncture under my VISA Infinite travel insurance, to the tune of ~$40 CAD. First, I was asked for a laundry list of documentation. Then spent months being continually asked for more docs, including incrorrect requests that made no sense (evidence of an expense that was in fact a discount applied at time of booking. After several attempts, having provide very clear evidence of both the expense and the fact that the rental was purchased on my VISA, my file was closed with no money, claiming that this missing discount on the rental rate is somehow relevant.

9 months, hours of time on both ends, over $40. Ludicrous. So VISA travel insurance is apparently worthless, as is Allianz.

Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

never ever waste ur money or time by getting insurance contacting them to open up a claim

on 2020-06-24 01:30:12

they ask u so many times the same questions seems like very professional kind of dumb people are working there. Four time I told them you entered my home address wrong but still they are keeping the same anyways spelling mistake is not a problem but i feel how active they are. I am Talking about ALLIANCE GLOBAL sh.... company. Even after looking at the boarding passes and the expected ticket paper they still want more evidence that your flight was actually delayed or not. Did you paid in full for your ticket, Did you get a refund for the ticket. How come they gona refund you its obviously the insurance company that covers you. They are really expert and do there best effort to find any loop hole. make you delay more and more that a person can forget about this. But any how they failed on me and failed to respond me the exact reason.

Eric Newman
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Useless insurance when you need it

on 2020-06-18 02:41:16

We purchased Allianz flight insurance through American Airlines for flights for an Oceania cruise. After Oceania cancelled the cruise due to the coronavirus we tried to get reimbursed for the unusable airline tickets, but Allianz said they do not cover coronavirus-related cancellations.

Rating: 1
1 /5 stars


on 2020-06-07 19:37:47

DO NOT BUY A POLICY FROM ALLIANZ. Even when they offer coverage for an event, they have an exclusion clause that allows them to deny the claim. My policy plainly states that we had coverage for being quarantined. My wife and I both were forced to quarantine, and the airline would not allow us to fly.

In exclusions Allianz then states they do not cover anything during an epidemic. You better read the exclusions in the policy -- even though they say they offer coverage for specific events they have a massive list of exclusions to prevent them from paying the claim. Run from this company!

Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Will never consider Allianz for any type of insurance in future

on 2020-03-27 14:40:19

We are really upset about Allianz Global's denial of claim for our travel interruption due to COVID-19 travel advisories. They say they cover sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. I cannot understand how I could have foreseen COVID Travel restrictions imposed by government when I bought the flight tickets and insurance last year. Really don't know what they are providing insurance for, just to make money and deny claims when needed?
It seems like they are encouraging us to travel during this situation and get infected while travelling..
Really want to make people aware of these type of companies. When all other companies are being so flexible and understanding, even changing their policies to help people, but companies like Global Allianz doing their best to find points to deny claims. Will never consider Allianz for any type of insurance in future. Lesson learnt!

Roxanne Richards
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

dont buy conert ticket insurance Allianz

on 2020-02-26 17:38:17

I bought concert tickets and bought the insurance from Allianz. I never got an email with a policy number or insurance details. I did try to contact them but gave up as they were not available.Now , the concert was cancelled and I called to a USA number which they said was a glitch. I got ahold of someone who told me that insurance policy had expired on the first concert date. I was surprised and asked what I should do in the future and the operator had no answers. but to say call Ticketmaster. I said they are not the ones that sold me the insurance. The guy was very rude and sounded like he never knew what he was doing.
I would not waste my money again with this company. They appear very incompetent. Im glad it wasn't more serious like a medical problem on holidays.

Chris de Silva
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars


on 2020-02-21 18:09:04

It is very frustrating to deal with them because their staff are the least empathetic, they procrastinate and delay the processing of the claim, they keep contradicting each other. Don't waste your time and money with them. THEY ARE THE WORST!!

Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Very unfair and very poor costomer care , costumer care is zero

on 2019-12-03 09:33:35

I had canceled my trip because of my son health issues , unfortunately rather than they help and review the case deeply and understand how hard is making money and how hard is cancel the trip they rejected us after 3 months and now I applied for appeal again ignoring and no answer
We get insurance for stormy days not for fun

Jenny Barlow
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Worst Insurance Company

on 2019-08-07 13:34:45

I filed a claim form with Allianz Global Canada on 15 May, it is now 8 August, they have not processed my claim. They are saying that it is up to medical stage and that they have an unlimited time to review my claim. The medical document is a page long and therefore should not take as long as this. It is a simple claim, we had to delay the return flights due to a passenger having an ear infection. I am most disappointed with them and would not recommend them. If they do not accept my claim after all this time, I will be even more upset with them.

Shadi Borhani
Rating: 1
1 /5 stars

Never ever buy insurance from Allianz Global Assistance!

on 2019-07-18 10:49:00

WORSE INSURANCE COMPANY EVER! We have been waiting for our payment for a year! They are so slow and keep losing the documents we sent them twice already, they asked us to sign the authorization form for the third time as they "could not locate those ones we sent them before"! so frustrated! Customer service is absolutely useless! We traveled 2 times after that and bought our insurance from another company! If they don't get back to me in a month, I will contact the media and take legal action, so fed up with them and their sloppy service!

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