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6 Reasons to Talk to a Broker For a Home Insurance Quote

    1. Discounts – Our expert brokers will ensure that you are able to get all the discounts that are available to you. Online quotes generally don’t recognize discounts for good credit scores; multiline packages; or continuous insurance discounts. Our brokers will look at your whole situation and make sure you max out the home insurance discounts available to you so you get the best price possible.
    2. Coverage options – Online quotes are dependent on the coverages you select. When choosing the right home insurance policy, it’s important to go beyond just price and also look at the coverages available. All home insurance companies have their own unique offerings and our experienced brokers will be able to look at your individual situation and get you a great price on the coverage that you need. It is important to purchase a policy that has the right coverages and not just the cheapest price you can get. For example, water damage is the cause of over half of home insurance claims and is arguably one of the most important types of coverage to have. Talking to a broker allows you to ask questions and make sure you have the right water coverage for you and your home.
    3. More choice – While most of the major insurance companies have their rates integrated into online quoting software, there are specialty home insurance companies that are still old school and require manual quotes. You won’t be able to get those prices online and you have to talk to a broker for them to gather your information and get you a quote.
    4. Accuracy – Online quotes are just estimates based on the information you enter. Insurance companies will draw information for rebuild costs from their rating software, and your price is based on what the insurance companies calculate for rebuilding your home based on your address. Manually entered rebuild costs can differ from the rebuild cost generated by the insurance company and your price may not be accurate if you enter a different rebuild cost from the insured rebuild cost.
    5. Efficiency – We take your information and shop you with our insurance companies so you don’t have to do multiple quotes. You talk to us once, and we review multiple insurance companies based on both price and most importantly coverage.

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