Contractor’s Insurance

Whether your operation is big or small, contractor’s insurance can protect your business and employees in case of injury or property damage. If on occasion you hire subcontractors, you are responsible for their work and wellbeing too so having general contractor’s insurance in place is a wise choice to safeguard your business and good reputation.

Contractor’s insurance is a commercial general liability policy designed specifically for the construction and building trades, covering a number of issues from accidents to negligence and oversight. Businesses who do a variety of construction work or remodeling, such as homebuilders, paving and road construction, usually have some type of commercial general liability insurance to protect themselves.

Protect Your Income

The main areas covered by contractor’s insurance are:

  • Commercial General Liability – this covers you in case of injuries to other people or their property, including vehicles owned by others such as an employee using their own vehicle.
  • Property Coverage – including your equipment and tools under certain circumstances so you may want to consider options for large equipment or expensive tools left on job sites in case they are damaged or stolen. Confirm that the limits for replacement costs will be adequate for your needs.
  • Business Interruption – be sure to ask about the coverage provided if you are unable to work due to injury or damaged or stolen equipment, especially if you are a one-person operation.

Minimize Your Risk

There are many trades and a wide variety of contractors so that’s why there are numerous options available to customize a contractor’s insurance policy to your exact requirements, according to the risks you face. Factors to keep in mind when looking for adequate insurance are:

  • Risk of lawsuits from third parties due to injuries, property damage or other disputes
  • Do you have employees? Do they use their own equipment, tools or vehicles?
  • Do you subcontract part of the work or hire other professionals?
  • Replacement costs of tools and equipment
  • Income if you are temporarily unable to work
  • Do you have your an office location or home office?

For real peace of mind knowing your business is well protected, you want to get the broadest coverage for the best rates possible. So these are some good questions to help you make comparisons when shopping around for any type of contractor’s insurance.


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