Protection For Experienced Drivers, Fleets, & Cargo

Working in the transport industry means you need coverage that protects your cargo and your vehicles, and also offers you the flexibility and options to match your profession and lifestyle.

Who Needs Transportation Insurance?

Whether you’re a trucker long-hauling cargo across the continent or a driver transporting people to their destinations across town, you need custom coverage that addresses the unique risks of your profession. You also need a broker with the experience and commercial insurance partners to help you make the decisions that are right for you. Our solution is designed to support transportation businesses with a minimum of 4 years of experience with an active Commercial Vehicle Owner’s Registration (CVOR). Custom transportation insurance coverage is available for:

  • Owner/operators
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Dry Vans
  • Flatbeds
  • Dump trucks
  • Tank trucks
  • Containerized freight
  • Heavy equipment haulers
  • Towing and recovery
  • Professional movers & van lines

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Basic Trucking Insurance Coverage

The type of trucking insurance and policy you’ll need depends on several factors, including types of vehicle, cargo, the size of the enterprise, and operating radius. Commercial vehicle insurance for truckers will always offer protection against loss and damage. Whether you drive tractor trailers, cargo trucks, flatbeds, dump trucks or straight trucks, the basic coverage will include:

  • Commercial auto liability covers damage to the other party involved in an accident. For instance, if your truck driver is backing the truck into a loading dock and it crashes into the lift of the dock, your insurance provider will pay for the dock repairs.
  • Cargo insurance covers cargo that is stolen or damaged while being hauled. For example, if your truck is hauling electronics and they get damaged because the driver takes a sharp turn, this damage will be covered by cargo insurance. Also, if electronics get stolen from the truck during transit, your insurance policy will cover the loss sustained by your customer. This is separate from your auto policy.
  • Physical damage insurance covers actual damage to the truck caused by an accident with another vehicle and will pay for the repairs.
  • Commercial transport insurance – All vehicles used by the business should be rated correctly for business usage.

Specialized Coverage Tailored to Your Unique Transportation Needs

There are some special options to consider, especially if you’re a carrier or take the vehicle home when you’re not on the road. Specialized trucking coverage options include:

  • Reefer unit insurance covers damage caused to refrigerated cargo normally excluded by regular cargo
  • Fleet insurance for 5 or more vehicles, which can save you money and time
  • Commercial General Liability which can include liability arising out of the use of employee-owned vehicles for business purposes