Insurance For Your Realty Business

If you own real estate as a business operation then you need the protection offered by realty insurance. This includes owners of:

  • Retail Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Vacant Land

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Investments in real estate of any kind usually involve significant amounts of money, which makes realty insurance another smart investment. Realty insurance is a type of commercial insurance especially designed for those who own buildings or are property managers responsible for buildings. Realty insurance offers a wide range of protection for your buildings, their contents and your rental income giving you peace of mind.

What Protection Does Realty Insurance Provide?

In addition to standard commercial insurance for any business, specific coverage recommended for those owning or managing buildings for commercial purposes are as follows:

  • Building Coverage: Protection for the building(s) and their contents, which include fixtures, furniture, computers, etc.
  • Loss of Rental Income Coverage: this is especially important to provide you with income when some sort of damage to the building makes it uninhabitable or unusable for months while repairs and restoration occur.
  • Newly Acquired Property: this coverage offers an extension (usually 30 days) to report any newly acquired property without penalty.
  • Other Options to Consider: there are many other additional types of coverage that may apply to your business such as flood protection, sewer back-up protection, equipment breakdown coverage, and an umbrella liability package.

Speak with a Realty Insurance Expert

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