Commercial Real Estate Insurance For Ontario Landlords

Whichever type of commercial real estate you own, you need coverage that matches the type of business that operates on your property.

You rely on your commercial real estate as an investment, so you need an insurance policy that covers your buildings and the property inside those buildings from all risks. Commercial landlord insurance will repair, replace or recover the value of your building, should you suffer losses due to covered perils.

Key Coverage for Commercial Landlords:

Each and every commercial property is different, and our commercial brokers will go over the details of your needs as a landlord.

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Get the Full Benefits of a Commercial Real Estate Insurance Expert

Just some of the considerations our commercial lines brokers will help you with:

  • Replacement costs: Keeping track of the replacement cost value of your property as inflation and construction costs increase.
  • Under-insurance: The gaps in coverage and misunderstandings that you can’t afford.
  • Duplicate-insurance: Strategies to avoid unnecessary costs associated with risks that your tenants’ are obliged to insure.
  • Rebuild time In the event that your property is destroyed, to ensure that you’re covered for the right amount of lost rental income.