The Best Coverage for Private Tutors in Ontario

As a result of the current educational environment, more and more people are turning to private tutors, whether for themselves or their children. Obviously this type of intimate educational instruction comes with a considerable amount of liability risks. Whether you provide instruction online or in person it is essential that you get the kind of coverage necessary to limit your exposure to potential lawsuits and judgements. We offer a full spectrum of policies needed to cover your career as a:

Coverage available for:

  • Private Tutors
  • Learning Pod Teachers
  • Exam Preparation Instructors
  • ESL instructors
  • Music Teachers

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The Private Tutor Policy Package

As a private tutor, you do everything you can to help your clients and their children excel in their chosen field of study. You strive to make the learning environment as safe and invigorating as possible. However, the very nature of the business leaves you exposed to lawsuits that can potentially arise from working so closely with young learners. It’s important to make sure you are covered, and it may even be a requirement if you seek tutoring work through an agency.

General Liability Insurance

Private tutor general liability for injuries, accidents, and mishaps

Essential protection for potential lawsuits arising from bodily injury or property damage sustained by a pupil or a host.

  • Injury to a student on your or their premises such as slipping on a wet floor or a frayed carpet resulting in broken arms or legs
  • Damage to property caused by accidents
  • Simple mishaps such as spilling your coffee or water on a client’s laptop causing irreversible damage to their property

Professional Liability Insurance

Teacher error

Sometimes referred to as Errors & Omissions, this is important protection against being found legally responsible for professional failures and oversights that result in damages to your students or other clients (proven or otherwise)

  • Lawsuits brought on by disgruntled parents upset that their child ended up failing an important exam
  • Claims made as a result of information you inadvertently neglect to cover during the course leading to poor results on the part of the student
  • Failure in providing adequate advice or knowledge leading to a perceived lack of progress by the student

Property Insurance

Gym studio property insurance

Common sense protection for your office, home or private classroom.

  • Theft, fire and water damage to your business assets, including computers, desks, electronic whiteboards, decor and documents
  • Property damage or theft involving any learning resources and equipment
  • Sudden, accidental breakdown of teaching aids and equipment caused by staff errors, general misuse, power surges and short circuits

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance for private tutors and teaching pods

If your business relies on a website or other systems to attract and manage clients, it may be vulnerable to cyber attack. Adding cyber coverage to your policy is a wise decision, protecting you against privacy breaches or other cyber crime that interrupts your business operations leading to loss of income, expensive fixes or ransomware demands.

  • Cyber crimes such as phishing attacks, ransomware, funds transfer and other malware
  • Data breaches that expose private client information such as passwords and credit card information