Get the Best Coverage in Ontario for Your Freelance Business

While working as a freelancer may offer more independence and a better work/life balance, the fact remains that you may still be exposed to a variety of business risks. Whether you’re a freelancer for life or simply testing the self-employed waters, making sure you’re covered under the right policies will go a long way in ensuring your income and the future of your business.

It’s also important to know that as a freelancer, your work will not be covered under the insurance policies of other companies that you may contract with.

Just some of the freelance clients we find affordable coverage for include:

Coverage available for:

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Insurance Coverage for Freelancers

As your broker, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of your freelance business and determine the coverage you need to ensure all risks related to your respective profession are covered. Most freelancers find they need the following coverage:/p>


Working as a freelancer leaves you open to numerous risks that could potentially result in legal action against you or your business. That’s where liability insurance comes in. As a freelancer, you’ll definitely need Commercial General Liability (CGL), which covers accidents, injuries, and property damage. You may also find you need Professional Liability Insurance (E&O), which covers acts of negligence or damage resulting from professional errors or disputed advice.

Commercial General Liability

Freelancer CGL

CGL protects freelancers from claims related to physical injury, property damage, slander, libel, copyright infringement, and more. This could include someone slipping and falling at your work premises or claims that your work caused reputational harm to your client.

All freelancers can benefit greatly from CGL, including writers, personal trainers, and tutors who teach their students at home or elsewhere.

Professional Liability Insurance

Freelancer E&O

Also referred to as errors and omissions (E&O), professional liability insurance protects freelancers whose professional advice and services can result in claims of mental, emotional, physical, or financial loss. This includes freelance lawyers, accountants, and consultants, along with anyone else who runs the risk of being sued by clients alleging they received subpar treatment or erroneous advice. Having a proper E&O policy in place can mean the difference between a thriving business and one facing potentially crippling expenses.

Property – Contents

Business contents insurance

Most freelancers work from the comfort of their own home. What most freelancers don’t realize, however, is that their home insurance may only cover a limited amount of business assets, if any, when it comes to property loss or damage. That’s where business contents insurance comes in.

Business contents coverage keeps all of your business assets protected from damage, theft, or loss, regardless of whether you rent your premises, own the building you operate out of, or conduct your business from home. Those assets can include computers, office equipment, furniture, inventory, appliances, and work documents. If you need to keep your property and contents safe, then business contents coverage may very well be the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Cyber Liability

Cyber insurance

As a freelancer, odds are your business has some kind of reliance on technology, and valuable data stored on your computer or in the cloud. Whether it’s personal information, client information, credit card details, passwords, or a commercial website advertising your services, the harsh reality is that your business can be a prime target for cyber criminals. That’s why cyber liability insurance is an essential piece of coverage that can help keep you protected in the case of phishing scams, ransomware, or other cyber attacks.

How Much Will All This Cost?

Every freelancer has their own unique needs that require protection, so there’s no “one price for all” solution. Having said that, our basic coverage for freelancers starts from as little as $275 a year. Factors that might affect the price you pay can include the amount of coverage you need, the value of property and/or assets you’d like to protect, and what kind of work you do.

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