Coverage designed for your needs as a farm owner in Ontario.

Like other types of commercial insurance, farm insurance is critical for protecting your operation from catastrophic events that interrupt your flow of income, such as property damage, disease, or infestation. You can also select other protection options that are specific to the type of farm you run.

Much like standard business insurance, farm insurance provides complete coverage for buildings and equipment that are critical to the everyday functions of your farm, including:

  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Farm Structures
  • On-site Dwellings
  • Equipment

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Farm insurance can also provide coverage for the ecological aspect of your farm. This means that you are covered against:

  • Unexpected sickness or death of livestock or poultry
  • Damage or blight of your produce
  • Loss or destruction of agricultural products and seeds

Farm insurance includes general liability protection for your farm, including specific liability insurance against potential pollution created by your livestock or farming process.

Options for Additional Protection

Just as a farm is very different from a factory, so is a pig farm very different from a produce farm. These differences can be protected with specific options added to your farm insurance policy. For example:

  • For farmers that operate a farmer’s market on their property or allow volunteers to work at the farm occasionally, extra liability insurance in case of customer or volunteer injury is critical to ensuring that you are protected against potential lawsuits.
  • Another popular option for almost any type of farm is replacement cost coverage. Given the high cost of equipment like tractors or the extremely high cost of replacing farm buildings after total destruction, paying a little extra each month to ensure that you will receive a settlement for the total cost needed to replace your lost equipment or building is incredibly valuable.

Other options offer protection against:

  • Sewer backup
  • Utility interruption
  • Increases in fire department charges

Farm Insurance is an Important Investment

No matter how careful you are, it is impossible to prepare for every possible situation, especially on a farm. Livestock and plants are living organisms that sicken, die, or animals may escape and wander off. The weather is equally temperamental and completely out of your control. With so much of your business dependent on things you do not control, farm insurance gives you control over your livelihood, providing protection that focuses on the specific situations that are unique to your farm.