Looking For Painting Insurance in Ontario?

If you run your own painting business, your customers expect you to have insurance to protect them against mishaps that can happen on the job.

Paint spilled on an expensive rug, kids tripping over a ladder and getting hurt, broken windows. These things happen. Having insurance protects them, but it protects your business, too. Your painting business may also have other stuff you want to protect from being damaged, destroyed or stolen:

  • Company vehicle(s)
  • Shop or office location
  • Tools and equipment
  • Stock (you could have several thousand dollars worth of paint at a given time)

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Complete Commercial Insurance Coverage for Painters:

Let us shop the top insurance companies in Ontario to find you the best package with the broadest coverage for your painting business.


General Liability Insurance

The insurance your customers want to see is general liability coverage. Protect yourself and your business from losses that could be linked back to your work. We know you take the greatest care in all your work, but if something bad happens, your customer could come after you regardless. Common claims against painters include:

  • Paint spills
  • Broken windows or other property damage
  • Injuries related to tripping and falling on the worksite

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Even if you don’t have a company logo on it, you’ve probably got a van or truck that you rely on to get you to and from jobs and to transport tools and materials. Commercial vehicle insurance is just like the auto insurance you have for your own car. It’s mandatory, and it includes coverage for liability, medical bills, lost income, etc. in case you get in an accident. You can also get additional coverage to pay for collision repairs or to replace your van if it’s stolen.

Did you know?

Insurance tip

Maybe you don’t have a work van. Maybe it’s your own personal van, but you also use it for work. That’s OK, but in that case, you need to let your insurance company know. It will cost you a little more, but that’s better than getting in an accident while driving for work and finding out you’re not covered.


Commercial Property Insurance

If your painting business is big enough that you have an office or shop, you need commercial property insurance, to protect computers, furniture and other stuff you might keep there, to protect the physical building (if you own it), and to safeguard you from liability if a customer gets hurt while visiting.

Did you know?

Insurance tip

Most painting businesses are run from home. If that’s the case for you, you don’t need commercial property insurance. But you should talk to your insurance broker to make sure you are covered for any business-related tools, equipment, and materials that you keep in your home. They may not be covered by your home insurance.


Tools Coverage

As a painting business, you rely on a number of tools to do the job. That starts with brushes, rollers, scrapers, and stepladders, but may also include more expensive equipment like sprayers, articulated ladders, etc. Tools and equipment coverage will pay if your tools and equipment are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. There is also coverage for rental tools to keep your crew working after a theft or other loss.