Contractors Liability Insurance Coverage

If you’re a contractor, contractors liability insurance is your most important business’s most important coverage. It provides critical coverage for you and anyone who works for you, as well as protecting your business from an unexpected financial loss or claim against you.

What Does Contractors Liability Insurance Cover?

If you are found to be responsible for any injury to some third party or damage to their property, this is when your investment in contractors liability insurance will pay off and help cover the costs of their injuries or damages. It will also cover your legal expenses too. More specifically, liability insurance can provide coverage for you in the following areas:

  • Bodily Injury: This includes injury to other persons at your business or on your client’s property.
  • Property Damage: This covers damage to the property under construction or related damages.
  • Medical Payments: This part covers minor medical expenses due to an accident at your company’s premises or caused by your company’s operations, even if you are never found to be legally liable for the accident.
  • Advertising Injury: This includes damages caused to a person or business as a result of your advertising.
  • Tenants’ Liability: If you rent the premises where you operate, and are found liable for damages to it due to a fire or setting off the sprinkler system, for example, this coverage will pay for the compensation to the building owner.

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Other Coverage Options

Depending on your particular type of contracting business, there may be other important options to consider for further protection, such as:

  • Contractor tools coverage – After liability, theft or loss of tools is one of your biggest insurance risks in construction and for contractors.
  • Equipment Breakdown – if your business depends upon key pieces of equipment then equipment breakdown insurance is a wise investment.
  • Business Interruption – to protect the income your business brings in, especially if it is your sole source of income, business income or interruption insurance helps pay expenses due to lost income while you repair and restore your operations in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage – business auto insurance covers business assets that are being transported by the insured vehicle. Personal auto insurance usually won’t cover those assets if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

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