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Ontario HVAC Contractors Insurance

At Mitchell Whale, we understand that installing, repairing, and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems is an exact and technical business. You need protection that covers you, your employees, and subcontractors from every day risks, and that shields you from any unforeseen liability.. Your shop and/or work vans could be broken into and tools stolen; a fire could occur as a result of work completed; a site you are working on could be burglarized.

HVAC contractors insurance is tailored to the specifics of your industry, and can be further customized to your individual business. Your tools, your shop, your vehicles, your employees, and your work itself can all be insured against any incidents ranging from fire to theft, accident to miscalculation. Some of the HVAC businesses and contractors who need industry-specific coverage include:

  • Residential HVAC contractors
  • Commercial and industrial HVAC contractors
  • Speciality HVAC businesses
  • HVAC subcontractors
  • Home maintenance, repair, renovation & improvement businesses
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As an HVAC contractor, you are at risk of electrocution, burns, falls, and exposure to asbestos. In Ontario, HVAC contractors are required to register for workers compensation coverage with WSIB. This is separate from your commercial insurance policy, and provides protection in the event that you or your employees are hurt or fall ill due to a workplace hazard.

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Commercial Insurance Options for HVAC Contractors:

Mitchell & Whale can provide you with customized protection you can count on, and ensure you understand your policy, so you can work confidently, knowing what’s covered, what isn’t, and what you can expect in the event of a claim.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your physical business location from fire, break-ins, vandalism and other hazards. It’s also essential protection from lawsuits that could arise if a customer is injured at your office or shop.

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Commercial vehicle insurance covers both business and personal use of a vehicle, but your personal auto insurance policy doesn’t cover commercial use.

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Be aware that insurance for business vehicles differs from non-commercial, personal auto coverage. Customized to address the special needs of HVAC contractors, commercial vehicle insurance primarily covers damage occurring if an employee has an accident while driving a company vehicle as well as costs for renting/leasing a vehicle for business purposes while the primary vehicle is being repaired.

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If you use your personal vehicle for your HVAC business, be sure to let your insurer know. It will cost you a bit more, but it’s definitely better than having a claim denied due to not declaring business use of your vehicle.

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General Liability Insurance

Every HVAC job has its risks and potential liabilities that you need to make sure you are covered against, so you can focus on your work without worry. Installing a ventilation system; getting a heating system installed into a new home; or repairing a broken AC unit: all involve risks. General liability insurance protects you from potential liabilities stemming from the work you do, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Leaks from heating or AC systems
  • Burst or damaged water heaters, boilers, and other systems
  • Fire damage
  • Electrical malfunction or electrocution

As an HVAC Contractor, you may also be liable for environmental damage or health hazards, such as a client’s exposure to harmful molds or bacteria caused by installation or repairs. Without specific pollution insurance, even if you are not found liable for damages resulting from these environmental dangers, you may still find yourself paying out of pocket for legal advice and proceedings.
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Tools Coverage

Coverage for your tools and other gear you rely upon in your HVAC business, in case they are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. This includes gauges, pumps, charging stations, and all of your other tools and equipment used to complete your HVAC contracts. Tool coverage is a key element of a strong, reliable HVAC contractor policy.

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