Looking For Drywaller & Plasterer Insurance in Ontario?

You’re looking for insurance for your drywalling business in Toronto, and your Google search lands you on a post which reads something like “We can meet all your Drywaller Insurance Toronto needs.”

Clearly, they’ve put a lot of thought into your needs.

At Mitchell & Whale, we employ people, not robots, and those people care about meeting all your insurance needs at the best possible price. There is some insurance your drywalling business absolutely needs, and there are other coverages that are optional, but probably a good idea.

General liability coverage is a must (at least $1 million but you should probably buy $2 million which will give you substantially more peace of mind for only a small increase in cost). Your customers will insist that you have this insurance. You also should consider:

  • Tools and equipment insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance (even if you use your own personal vehicle for business)
  • Commercial property insurance (if you have a shop or office)

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Complete Insurance Coverage for Drywallers and Plasterers:

Let us shop the top insurance companies in Ontario to find you the best package with the broadest coverage for your drywalling business.


General Liability Insurance

Your customers want to know that you are insured in the event that you or your crew accidentally damage their property while on the job. Or God forbid if someone gets hurt on the worksite (this doesn’t apply to you or your workers. That kind of injury is covered by WSIB). What could happen? Here are some examples:

Examples of liability risks faced by drywalling contractors:

  • You’re working at a residential home and somebody trips over a trowel that’s momentarily left on the floor suffering injuries
  • A young employee accidentally nicks a water pipe whilst screwing through drywall, causing a slow leak and substantial property damage

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

You may not have official company vehicles, but we’re betting you and your team don’t take the bus to the worksite. You may use your own personal truck or van to get to and from jobs and to transport materials. Whatever the case may be, you need commercial auto insurance to protect any vehicles you use for work.

Did you know?

If you use your own vehicle for work, that’s fine. It happens all the time. The only thing is, you need to let your insurance broker know that you use it for business. It’s going to cost a little more than your personal auto insurance policy, but it’s totally worth it. Otherwise, if you crash while on business, your claim could be denied.


Commercial Property Insurance

Your drywalling business has grown, and you now have an office where you meet with potential customers and store your tools and materials. Great! I hope you’ve considered getting a commercial property policy to safeguard your business from theft, fire, etc.. Your liability insurance will also protect you in case a customer gets hurt while on your premises.

Did you know?

Running your drywalling business from home is a great way to keep your costs down, especially when you’re starting out. You don’t need commercial property insurance but talk to your broker about whether you may need coverage for stuff that belongs to the business, but that you store at home. It may not be covered by your home insurance.


Tools Coverage

Think about all the tools you use in your drywalling business. How much would it cost you to replace all your utility knives, drills, saws, sanders, putty knives, ladders, t-squares, taping tools, and corner flushers? If the number makes you uncomfortable, you need tool insurance to protect you if your tools are stolen, damaged, or lost in a fire. This will even pay for rental tools if your tools are lost, so you don’t have to miss a day of work.