Insurance for the Cannabis Industry in Ontario

Full coverage for licensed producers, dispensaries, retailers, and all medical marijuana-related business operations in Ontario.

Whether you’re a licensed producer or are involved in any other legal business related to cannabis products, you need full insurance coverage customized to your specific operation. You can rely on Mitchell & Whale for specialty insurance products and custom coverage solutions for ACMPR-approved medical and recreational cannabis businesses.

Coverage available for:

  • Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Manufacturing and processing operations
  • Landlords or leasing facility of cultivation or related businesses
  • Marijuana industry consultants
  • Hospitality operations such as cannabis clubs and vape lounges
  • Cannabis R&D, testing facilities, & labs
  • Medical marijuana physicians & clinics
  • Mail-order cannabis distribution
  • All other ACMPR-related businesses

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Coverage Options Tailored to Your Business

Coverage for all aspects of the production cycle from seed-to-sale.

Property Coverage

Cannabis dispensary

Your business is new and unique, and you need protection from the usual risks to commercial property as well as specialized coverage such as for crop spoilage and other custom-tailored solutions designed for marijuana production.

Protection for your space, equipment, and products from perils such as fire, theft, water damage, and more.

Specialized Coverage For:
  • The building: Whether you lease or own, the space where you grow, produce, package, or sell your products needs full protection.
  • Stock & inventory: From seed to sale and everything in between. Marijuana plants in all stages of growth as well as their derivatives, including harvested material and finished products.
  • Equipment & supplies: Such as lighting; electrical, hydroponic or lab equipment equipment; furnishings; boiler & machinery, and more.
  • Stock in transit: For sale, distribution, and transport of cannabis and cannabis products.

Liability Coverage

Cannabis business liability insurance

Cannabis-related businesses required hard to place liability coverage that can range from a slip and fall in a dispensary to consumption-related bodily injury.

In addition to safety risks, legal costs associated with regulatory investigations involving medicinal or recreational marijuana can be substantial. As the cannabis industry evolves in Ontario and the rest of Canada, you’ll need a specialist insurer who can fit you with just the right protection.

Liability coverage options include:

For Landlords

Cannabis business landlord keys

In Canada, standard insurance companies don’t offer coverage for landlords who own property leased out as legal grow ops or other cannabis-related operations.

Whether you lease to a marijuana cultivator, dispensary, or craft cannabis operation, make sure you have the protection that covers your tenant’s activities and operation.