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Small and large insurance companies

Why a Larger Insurer is Sometimes Better…and Sometimes Not

In Canada, we love small business, and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to know their local grocer or mechanic, or have their kids go to school with their insurance broker’s kids? As Canadians, we have a natural preference for small family businesses. They are our neighbours. We trust them.

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2019 Young Insurance Broker of the Year 2019

Forever Young – Adam Mitchell Wins Young Broker of the Year

Recently, at the 2019 IBAO Awards, Adam Mitchell was recognized as Young Broker of the Year for Ontario.

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Insurers losing money

Do Insurance Companies Ever Lose Money on Auto Insurance?

…They Can and Do in Ontario – Here’s Proof Auto insurance premiums in Ontario continue to go up, and there’s been a lot of talk that it’s just insurance companies lining their pockets. Well, here’s the thing: They’re not.

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Best home insurance companies in Ontario

The Best Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

There are more than 40 different insurance companies that offer home insurance in Ontario. It can be difficult to tell one from the next sometimes. A lot of them seem to offer similar things, so how do you know which one to choose? There’s no one answer, but there are certainly ways to narrow it […]

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