Travel Insurance

Wherever You’re Going, Take it With You

Living in Canada, you can be forgiven for thinking that medical care is free. News flash: It isn’t. And you don’t want to find that out when you have to go to the hospital in Nicaragua. Learn about travel insurance, what it covers and how it works.

Air travel cancelled due to COVID-19

Effect of the COVID-19 Crisis on Travel Insurance

Planning Travel During The COVID-19 Crisis? Travel Insurance Implications

Given the current environment around COVID-19, all non-essential travel is being cancelled for the time-being, and many Canadians are thinking about cancelling planned trips abroad even later in the year. Some have travel insurance, and some don’t. Read more

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Vacation on beach

Trip Cancellation Insurance

For many of us, our holiday is a highly planned and greatly anticipated event, so a cancelled or interrupted vacation can be extremely disappointing. Even worse is the out-of-pocket costs of cancelling or terminating your holiday due to prepaid non-refundable travel arrangements. That’s why the travel-savvy always include trip cancellation insurance as part of their plans. Read more

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Pack Travel Insurance for a Great Trip

When getting ready for a holiday, all manner of packing mishaps can occur from forgetting your medication to inexplicably packing a dozen pairs of pants and not one shirt for a 3-day weekend, but regardless of your destination, you should never forget to pack travel insurance for your journey. Travel insurance provides a measure of protection against a host of calamities Read more

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Travel Insurance Could Save You Thousands!

What is Travel Insurance?

Like its name suggests, travel insurance exists to protect you from common problems that can be encountered in the course of your travels. The exact coverage provided by travel insurance varies, but common examples range from cancelled trips and missed flights to lost possessions and medical emergencies. In short, having travel insurance ensures you will be protected while you are enjoying other parts of the country, the continent, or anywhere in the world!

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What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance is a necessary part of modern vacationing. As Canadians we often take for granted the level of medical coverage we receive through the provincial government. But when it comes to travelling internationally, all medical coverage becomes the responsibility of the individual and all payments are required directly from the patient. Nobody plans to get sick or become injured when travelling, but these things happen. This is why most people opt to purchase a travel insurance policy for peace of mind during their vacation knowing that if anything does happen they won’t have to worry about a devastating hospital, medical or doctor’s bill. Read more

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